Youtube for business - How to promote business on Youtube?

Youtube for business – How to promote business on Youtube?

Youtube for business marketing

Have you ever wondered how to use YouTube to promote your business? Nowadays, video is one of the best forms of business promotion. It has gained a lot of value, especially in recent times, when we’ve been bombarded with advertisements on every side.

The video message is much stronger than other forms of communication.

Statistics show that:

  • YouTube is visited by more than a billion unique users every month.
    Every month, users spend more than 6 billion hours watching videos on YouTube – almost an hour of viewing for every person on Earth.
    YouTube gets 100 hours of video every minute.
    80% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the United States.
    YouTube is available in 61 countries and 61 languages.
    According to Nielsen, the number of viewers between the ages of 18 and 34 watching YouTube in the U.S. is greater than any cable TV.
    Millions of subscriptions arrive every day. The number of viewers who subscribe to YouTube channels every day has tripled since last year, and the number of new subscriptions per day has more than tripled.

This proves the huge potential of YouTube. In this service you can promote a specific brand, specific products, or simply shape the image of yourself or your company. So if you haven’t thought about how to use YouTube to promote your business yet, please read this article.

This proves the huge potential of YouTube. In this service you can promote a specific brand, specific products, or simply shape the image of yourself or your company. So if you haven’t thought about how to use YouTube to promote your business yet, please read this article.

How to use YouTube to promote your business?

The first and biggest advantage of running a channel on YouTube is the ability to reach a huge number of potential customers. If you provide interesting content for users, you can count on viral marketing, which will take place largely without your participation. Thanks to the possibility of sharing videos directly in other social media or blogs, the most interesting recordings reach a huge number of recipients every day, which allows for faster promotion.

Another important element that the service offers is the ability to subscribe to any channel. Thanks to it, each subscriber receives real-time notifications about new video on a favorite channel. This in turn significantly increases the frequency of inputs and the number of page views. Remember also that video materials available on your channel can be commented on. The number of comments, in turn, translates into the popularity of the channel. Okay, so many theories. Now let’s move on to the details.

11 tips on how to use YouTube to promote your business in order to achieve the best results

1.  Create an action plan

Before you even set up a channel and add the first videos, you should make a plan of action. First of all, you need to have some ideas about what your channel should look like, what materials you will share, and what topics they should cover. Also plan to use the playlists. This will make it easier for users to search for content they are interested in. Throwing in everything you can think of is a waste of time. The mess that will be there will discourage many Internet users from using your channel. Besides, acting according to the plan prepared earlier, will bring much greater results, and very quickly.

2. Create and customize your graphics according to your channel profile

The main picture of the channel, the logo and the whole colour scheme should be well thought out and consistent. Attention to detail will positively influence your image. If you use a logo in your company, blog or other social media, you should also add it on YouTube. Such a procedure will cause that you will be recognized faster, and your activity on the Internet will be more and more often associated.

3. Use keywords in descriptions

Help recipients to find you . In order to make it easier for users to find your content, it must be properly described. This is similar to how we use it to optimise our websites for Google. When creating descriptions, use SEO writing rules and a long tail. You can find out more about this in the article “How to write SEO articles”. Make sure to create a description of the channel, playlist and each video separately. Add tags as well. The more keywords you put in the title, description and tags, the better.

4. Use Playlist

Also plan to use the playlists. YouTube lets you add your favorite videos to your own thematic collections called Playlists. This thematic grouping will make it easier for users to search for videos they are interested in.

5. Make sure you regularly add new videos

Only regular addition of new materials will ensure the popularity of your channel, an increase in the number of visitors and regular recipients. Remember, thousands of new videos are added to YouTube every day. If you want to stand out, you just have to post new content on the fly. So make sure you add new videos at least once a week.

6. Add not too long recordings

The most popular are recordings that do not exceed 8 minutes. In today’s world, where almost everyone lacks time, people don’t want to waste time listening to unnecessary chatter. Most of us are looking for concrete answers to questions, help in solving a problem. The more your recordings will be helpful, yet simple and relatively short, the more popular they will be.

7. Put the address of your website in description of each video

Let the whole system run viral. By placing your website address high up in the description, the recipients will go to it. Thanks to this, you will have more traffic on your website/blog, so more people will get acquainted with your offer. This in turn will result in a significant increase in your chances of sales. As you can see, this is done without any additional advertising. By placing a phone number or other contact details in the description, if necessary, the recipients will be able to easily contact you.

8. Respond to comments

Take advantage of the fact that YouTube is a social networking platform that brings together millions of fans from all over the world. Respond to the comments you post below your videos. In this way, you can establish contact with the recipients of your materials, find out a lot of interesting information, such as which movies are most popular, or which materials are worth devoting to further recordings. Remember that it is up to the audience whether your film will become popular and distributed all over the Internet.

9. Comment on recordings on other channels

It is worth leaving comments under the recordings of other people. Do it systematically. Of course, you need to be logged in to your company account, so that people after some time will start to associate you. Very often it happens that the owner of a channel, wanting to “repay”, also comments and licks recordings of the most active people.

10. Share your recordings with the world

Place links to your recordings on your website and blog. This will allow you, first of all, to position your blog faster (links to external sites), and secondly, will allow your readers to get to know you and your business better. Videos have been very popular lately, so use their power to make it easier for your audience to find your channel. Additionally, place your recordings in social media such as Facebook, Tweeter, etc. If the content of the recordings is interesting, they will be disseminated very quickly.

11.Call for action

Each video recording should contain a clear call for action. Ideally, at the end of the video, you should ask to subscribe to the channel, like it and share it. Calling for action increases conversions by about 70%.

How to run a YouTube channel to make the most of it to promote your business?

I wrote a bit above that you should have an action plan. If you are now wondering what strategy to adopt, what materials to put on your channel, where to get ideas from, here are some tips on how to use YouTube to promote your business. Of course, a lot depends on what kind of business you run, but I think you will be able to use many of the following tips on your channel right away.

1. Answer the most frequently repeated questions of your blog readers and clients in the recordings.

2. Create “how to do something…step by step” recordings. Such recordings are the most popular.

3. devote some of the videos to getting the audience acquainted with your products. Tell us about their advantages, applications and what makes them stand out in the market.

4. Share announcements of new products so that people will be more eagerly awaiting them.

5. Upload recordings from the training sessions you are conducting.

6. Add your reports from conferences and trainings you attend.

7. Record and upload references of your clients to YouTube. References are a very powerful tool.

Show your audience where you work, your company, your office and your coworkers. Potential customers are really interested in it. Sharing such content will also make you more credible to your audience.

Remember that a channel is only a tool to promote you, your company, your product brand. However, for this to happen, first of all, the recipients must get to know you as a person who can and wants to help others. If you assume that the YouTube channel is primarily to help and train others, your popularity will grow exponentially. People will get to know your value, with time they will start to trust you. And only these elements can dramatically increase the turnover of your business.

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