What is Content Management System and what to choose?

CMS (content management system) is a program in the form of a web application, enabling the creation of a website by adding and editing content. The biggest advantage of CMS systems is the ability to publish content on websites by people who are not programmers, but who know the basics of computer service.

Division of CMS systems

CMS systems can be divided into paid and free of charge. Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. Most of the major interactive agencies use their original solutions, which are developed and updated on an ongoing basis. On the other hand, there are many free solutions available on the market, which are adapted to different types of websites, blogs, etc.

The most popular free CMS systems include:

  • WordPress;

The main advantage of free content management systems, in addition to their price, is a large number of plugins and extensions and templates that can be installed. More demanding users who want to introduce their own modifications to free CMS systems must have the necessary knowledge, such as programming or graphic processing, depending on the changes introduced. In the absence of such knowledge, it is necessary to employ a person who will introduce changes to the system, which is associated with additional costs.

On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage of free CMS systems is their low level of security. The source code of the application is available to the public, so hackers have an easy task. On the web you can find available instructional videos on how to break into e.g. Joomla or Drupal.

Therefore, especially in the case of company, business or product websites, we recommend using solutions offered by interactive agencies. This will significantly increase website security, protect published data and prevent potential loss of company image. Moreover, interactive agencies provide guarantees for their CMS systems.  Additionally, you can count on support related to the implementation of a new template and free training in the use of the system.

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