SEO vs Google Ads

What to choose SEO or Google Ads?

Do you have a website? It’s high time to advertise it. However, the dilemma between SEO and Google Ads advertising can make you sleepy.

It is finally – your new website has appeared on the web. So long awaited it appears when you enter the address in the search bar. It is nicely created, contains graphics that are very friendly to the eye. Normally a miracle!

It’s one day, one week and finally one month since you placed your website on the web. You look at the statistics of visits, and there, apart from your visits, no one can be seen anymore. Sales (in the case of company websites) are at the same low level or do not exist at all. You start wondering what you are doing wrong and how to fix this situation. There is a way out of this situation.

You should consider the following types of website promotions on the web:

  • positioning of websites by SEO agencies
    contextual advertising Ads from Google

If you choose a SEO service, it is as follows. You contact the SEO agency of your choice and present what you would like to gain. You present on which words or keywords you would like to be visible in search results. That’s when the laborious work of people providing such services begins. If they use the correct methods and techniques, you can already achieve quite good results after about 3 months from the start of positioning. Yes, he agrees. It takes quite a lot of time. With SEO there is no ad hoc action!

When you choose the second option, i.e. buying “advertising space” directly from Google, your website may appear instantly on the first page of search results. At the very beginning you should create an account with Google. Unless you already have an account, you can go further, i.e. to the Ads tab. There you deposit money into your account and wait until it is booked by the corporation. The next step is to create an advertising unit.

That is, how your advertisement should look like when one of the users enters it into the search engine. Google moderators will decipher the correctness of the displayed unit and will accept it or forward it for correction. Then you just have to wait a moment and your website is on the first page of search results.

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO


+ direct or remote meeting (explanation of problems)

+ building brand credibility in the network, which affects recognition

+ directing traffic from multiple sources


– long waiting for results

– we can find people who are not able to do it, and then they will do more harm than they will help.

Advantages and disadvantages of Google Ads


+ instant display when the advertising unit is accepted

+ access to statistics and trends

+ keyword planner (help with phrase selection)


– linking only from one place

– Improper use may result in the rapid disbursement of advertising funds.

Note! The choice is yours alone and you have to analyze what will be better for you.

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