Online servers for small business

How to select a online server for a small business?

What server to choose for website a small business? – it depends on what and how many pages the entrepreneur will need. Let’s see what to pay attention to when choosing a server and what the server is.

What is a server?

A server is a place where your website will be located. After all, a website is a collection of files, and files must be on the disk. A server is a specialized computer that stores, among other things, websites on its disks.

And what is hosting?

Instead of a server we often talk about hosting. It is nothing other than the service of storing our website on the servers of the hosting company. So: the company owns servers and rents the area of their disks and computing power to customers – it provides hosting services.

How to choose a good online server for a small business?

Now let’s go to the main part of this article: which server online to choose for a small business? What do you pay attention to when making a decision? I would like to tell you some practical things that are relatively rarely mentioned. Allow me to skip technical issues, as they are widely discussed on many websites, forums and blogs.

When deciding which hosting company to choose, pay attention to a few things:

1. Internet users’ opinions about the company. There are many internet forums where you can find out if a given hosting company is reliable and if it is worth trusting. Just browse through a few of them, read what current users say about the company. It would seem that the server should work for the entire subscription period (usually one year) and the only contact with the company is paying for hosting. In practice, it often turns out that you have to contact her from time to time – especially when our server stops working, which sometimes happens.

2.Technical assistance. A point similar to the previous one is basically its continuation. Look for a company that has good support. Ideally, when you can call at any time of day or night and get help from the person responsible for server operation – it is known that failures happen at the least expected moment. It is also useful to have a chat on the company’s website, which will allow you to contact a consultant without waiting for him/her to reply to your e-mail.

3.Check the contact details of the company: address, telephone number, e-mail, etc. Call the company, check if it is not a bush company, so that this information does not come to light when it is too late (e.g. when the company “collapses”).

4.Read the terms and conditions of service. If you are dealing with a large promotion – see what its terms and conditions are, for example, if you buy a server for a year you will not have to extend it for the next year. Of course, I’m not saying that promotion means that the offer is suspicious, promotions in this industry are normal! I mean only that you should remember – the promotion must pay off for the company organizing it, and some of them understand this profitability strangely (despite the fact that it is a significant minority).

5.Check the prices of subscription extensions. Do not order the server just because there is a promotion and you will save e.g. 50%. It may turn out after a year that the cost of server subscription extension is much higher than in the competition and something that seemed to be a promotion is only a postponement of payments in time and installments.

6. Do not make a decision to buy only on the basis of the price of hosting. A low price may look attractive, but it’s obvious that it doesn’t come from nowhere. There is always something for something: low price in exchange for e.g. weaker parameters or – what is worse – for failure rate. A high price does not have to prove that you will be more satisfied with the server.

I always pay attention to these few things when buying servers both for myself and for clients.

I hope that my article has helped you understand what a server is and what to pay attention to when choosing it – this time from the non-technical side.

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