Motivate yourself to work – How to motivate yourself to work?

5 simple ways to motivate to work

Without it, we are practically doomed to failure, eternal laziness and unwillingness to develop and act effectively. But fortunately, we can influence the level of our motivation.

It is enough to follow one of the following effective ways or implement all at once, then the effect will be even better and stronger. Thanks to them, after a short while, your level of internal desire and brain activity will increase very rapidly. And you, with a new strength and willingness to act, will finally start to realize new goals and gain more and more in your life. They are not unusual, you have certainly already heard about them, but they are certainly effective, and you will find out about them in practice.

And here they are:

Motivation to work: set yourself specific goals, not general ones.

This means, for example, that when you have to clean your home, the very vague vision of work ahead of you is not very encouraging. You have to vacuum, do laundry, wash dishes, and also those burdensome chickens on the furniture. Suddenly you realize the enormity of the activities that overwhelm you more and more, the more you remember them. And that’s why you postpone taking up a work , wasting valuable time.

And now imagine that you’re getting down to cleaning by preparing a plan of action first. Arranging everything in a specific order and setting yourself an approximate time to do it all. Example:

I will get up in the morning at 8:00, the morning toilet at 8:25.
A portion of green tea with lemon for a healthy start to the day.
I turn on the laundry in 5 minutes.
I clean the room – 25 minutes.
I wipe the dirtiness in 20 minutes.
I vacuum the whole apartment in 35 minutes.

The second portion of something to drink, such as fresh juice squeezed from carrots, apples and salads – because you got warm from such efficient cleaning 😉

I clean the floor in 35 minutes.
I wash dishes – 35 minutes.
I hang up the laundry – 15 minutes.

This way it’s about +/- 3 hours since you woke up. You have cleaned the whole apartment. Everything went quickly, efficiently and, above all, willingly. Your mind had not one big, but many small tasks, and he likes to do something from start to finish. So you, moving from one activity to another, became more and more motivated because you saw the results of your work. You knew where you were, how much you still had ahead of you and when it would end (more or less).

Of course, this whole plan is just an example, because you can do something else and it will take you a different amount of time. But generally it’s about the principle of setting yourself small, detailed goals. Then you know exactly what you have to do, when and how long. You don’t waste time wondering what to do next / what to do now, but having everything set in advance, you start the next activity without thinking about it.

And this way, after a smoothly completed cleaning, you can get down to breakfast in peace;-) Because you already have one thing (consisting of many small ones) in your head. So plan as much detail as you can throughout the day and, motivated by light time pressure, work results and control of your life, you will keep moving forward.

Motivation to work: write down 10-15 achievements from your life, which you are proud of and which have not come easily.

Nowadays people focus only on what they don’t want, what they don’t know and what’s wrong with them. If you ask a friend “how are you?”, in 4 out of 5 cases he will probably say “old poverty” or “it’s too bad to talk. People are largely pessimistic, and that doesn’t bode well for the future.

Therefore, you should be optimistic if you are interested in ways to motivate yourself effectively. You probably are 😉 So it shouldn’t be a problem for you to write down 10-15 achievements from the past, which didn’t come easily, but you managed to cope and now you can proudly announce it. It can be: a driver’s license, graduation, finding a better paid job in a time of “crisis”. (^^), completion of a dance course, opening up your own business, raising a child to a good person, writing a book, conducting the first training, stopping the use of curses, quitting smoking, etc.

Write everything down on a piece of paper, e.g. in the order of the oldest. And hang it in a visible place in your workplace or put it in your wallet. In the moment of doubt and lack of willingness to act, take out this card and look at what you have already done. Remember what emotions accompanied you then, how much you enjoyed it, how proud and motivated you were. In such moments, when we succeed in doing something through hard work, suddenly we think that everything is possible. And so it is, because it’s all a state of mind.

Because if in one moment, when your level of motivation reaches the zenith, you are able to put the world upside down to do something. And at another moment you are depressed and you don’t even want to breathe. This means that the limitations aren’t physical, because no ropes limit you. It’s also not a matter of skill, because when you’re motivated, the level of creativity also improves dramatically and you’re able to do something out of nothing.

So it all depends on your mind, what state you put it in, remembering how special you were when you did things on a piece of paper. Let your emotions from that time fill you up with emotion, and thanks to them put you in the right mood, which will motivate you strongly and inspire you to even more effective action and improvement of living conditions, even when you are tired and in unfavorable circumstances.

Motivation to work: listen to fast, dynamic music

People tend to get even more depressed when it’s bad for them. They do it often, e.g. by playing a piece of music, with which there are certain associations from the past, usually related to the current state of depression. By acting in this way, instead of improving, they deepen their state.

But this is not the way to go. If you feel bad, instead of feeling sorry for yourself, showing everyone that you feel bad – take it easy and try to change your mood to a more positive one. And you certainly won’t get that by playing music from your wedding, since your current state is related to parting with your beloved, with whom you had fun at the time. But by playing fast, dynamic music that evokes positive emotions in you and makes the world look more colorful all of a sudden. Let it carry you, sing along with the album, smile to yourself, drag strongly, take a deep breath and, still listening to stimulating music, feel how filled with joy, creativity and motivation to act 😉

Motivation to work: movement is health!

Movement is another great and very simple way to improve your mood and increase your willingness to act.

When you have been sitting at your workstation for a long time, constantly doing your job.

After a hard day’s work at your desk, when you have to take on important personal matters such as finance or planning your own business.

Or maybe on your day off, when you’re bored and because you don’t have a predetermined day plan, your reluctance to act gets worse and worse.

Or when you are on a diet and have cravings for unhealthy snacks.

In these situations, and many more when needed, stand up, drag yourself firmly, take a few deep, slow breaths, hold the air in your lungs for a while, and then lean forward a few times. Go for a while in the office, at home, take a walk in the fresh air, so that even more air will oxygenate your whole body and brighten your mind.

You can also do 20 sittings or go a few floors higher to climb the stairs. Also go to the bathroom and wash your face with cold water. Stand by the window for a moment and watch the greenery in the distance, moving your eyeballs in each direction (a form of eye muscle relaxation exercise). Try not to think about temporal things for a while and let yourself be pampered by a blissful moment of relaxation.

Doing so regularly at least every 1 hour (when you have a sitting job), you will effectively improve circulation, oxygenate the brain, relax the muscles of the eyes and the whole body and improve the functioning of all organs in your body. After 5-10 minutes, refreshed and with an improved mood, you will be happy and motivated to return to your duties.

Literally so little is needed, and the results can have a huge impact on productivity. Because what will you achieve when you sit at work for 8 hours, of which after 3 hours your commitment and productivity will drop sharply, compared to regular hourly breaks to refresh your body and mind? I don’t think it’s necessary to convince anyone of this.

Motivation to work: personal talisman.

The time has come for 5 motivational techniques. I took this example from the film “The Secret”. (which I personally highly recommend to everyone). In this film we talked about a stone, but generally it can be anything small that can be put into a pocket.

So find yourself a stone, clean it and decide that every time you touch it, you will think about what you are grateful for (it may be a matter of the day). In the morning, when you get up, you put it in your pocket and think about what you are thankful for. In the evening, when you go to bed, you empty your pockets, take out the stone, and think again, for which you are thankful. It’s fun to learn to be thankful for what we already have.

You have to tune in to thankfulness, because then you can enjoy even the smallest of things, switching to positive vibrations, which bear fruit very quickly. Optimists are always better off, because they look at the world through the prism of positive associations, expectations and willingness, thanks to which they are able to take advantage of more opportunities offered by the world.

So, as you can see, it takes so little to change your state of mind to a more open and active one. I suppose you’ll agree with me that you know these ways? A few for sure. And now that you know a little more and are filled with the freshness and optimism I have breathed into this article, get to work. The world is open, just take the first step, because every next step will be easier and more effective 😉

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