Learning spanish for beginners – How to learn Spanish?

Effective Spanish language learning

Learning Spanish is not as terrible as it sounds – you will love it!

Spanish… For some time now, one could say that there has been a fashion for this language. I am currently in Valencia on a six-month scholarship. Starting learning before arrival I found that the language itself is incredibly pleasant, logical and learning abroad is pure fun.

Spanish language very well reflects the Spaniards themselves who are very nice, happy and live only one vision of “Mañana” or “Tomorrow” … here is a standard – just like ours do today do tomorrow and you will have two days off. In fact, it is only about certain things, because the country would probably plunge into a month, while everything here is very prosperous.

But let’s get back to the subject of learning Spanish

Literature… Well, it all depends on your own predispositions. I would generally recommend Spanish literature from the very beginning. In the case of a beginner level in a decent book everything is always presented on examples, and as much as possible bombardment with a foreign language will give the best results. I recommend two positions, maybe 3.

Here in Spain, practically every private school or class at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia UPV is used for short:

* Español en marcha by SGEL a book and additional optional exercises,
* Sueña – Anaya edition of the book and optional exercises.
* Avance, also from SGEL publishing house – here we practically have 2 in 1 but for me a little too much and sometimes I find it difficult to find a little grammatical rule. But I recommend it.

I strongly recommend the first two positions. At the language school where I attended the preparatory course we also used the first position. These books are written very clearly and easily, everyone will understand what’s going on. Of course, every book has exercises. They are divided into levels A1, A2, B1, A1-A2, B1-B2, B1-B2 etc ….

In addition, I would like to mention one more item. I think it’s worth buying it when we don’t think about an optional exercise book. It is called USO intermedio or avanzado. Very good set of exercises + additional short explanations and examples.

Well, there are other things left over from literature like listening. Books offered by me have additional recordings on CD. In order to develop listening comprehension. However, I highly recommend this is obligatory if you are serious about Spanish (don’t think it’s too difficult), listening to music – Spanish music is as “joyful” as they are, watching movies – I wouldn’t recommend soap operas, but it’s still Spanish.

Telenovels usually have a different accent and often different dialects. I highly recommend DVDs or movies from the Internet in Spanish version – does not promote piracy here 🙂 – DVDs and movies have the advantage that you can turn on additional Spanish subtitles. Thanks to that, when you can’t hear something, you can see it and remember it faster – you have 2 in 1 – listening and reading skills (along with correct pronunciation).

Watching movies gives you an incredible amount.

The last thing I’d like to mention is reading in Spanish

Films with subtitles are one thing and literature is another. Literature, in my opinion, is everything that does not sound but is written :). Newspapers, press releases, Free articles, Internet and Internet services and for ambitious people normal books. Read only 1 page out loud, you can at the beginning without understanding and if you are learning the language normally, let’s say after 2 months, when you know some basics, start reading the pages but with an attempt at full translation. I guarantee you that after a year of reading this basic one page, you will learn such a vocabulary, its applications, idioms and you will start to speak like ….. … .. . .

For example, I’ll just say that by listening to something in Spanish from time to time, using Español en marcha + from time to time, reading unknown texts after 0.5 years after arriving in Spain, I started to communicate peacefully in Spanish. Now, after a year, I don’t get along anymore, but I speak this language.

Spanish language learning programme

Finally, I would like to recommend the last thing regarding the technology of the nineteenth century – the Program for learning Spanish. Here I strongly recommend 2, using them regularly you can be sure that you will learn the will power of almost everything!!!, I use them on an ongoing basis. These are

  • Espaniol Para Ti with a super memo
    Professor Pedro’s vocabulary.

Español Para ti, has some minor bugs, but you can catch them yourself 🙂 Espanol taught me a lot of phrases, not to mention grammar. The words are mainly in sentences and there is a lot of practice after each lesson. Super memo is great. Whether you want it or not, you will finally remember the phrase or the rule. I really recommend it.

And a pedro professor is something wonderful to learn hundreds of words in a short time. All in all, as for me, it works on the same principle as Super Memo. Think about it, reworking 20 words a day for lazy people is really a dozen or so minutes (I did 30) 20 x 30 days = 600 words and that times only 2 months gives 1200 words (in my case 1800) of which definitely 900 are fixed – that is, those that you know how to “amen”. – such an initial resource is sufficient for communication in Spanish. The program will assign you repetitions, words and make you remember everything for sure – provided that you do something else besides words. Because dry words are not everything.

I hope that the little information provided will be helpful. If you have any questions, write a comment 🙂 .

The recipe for knowledge of the language is only the willingness to learn it, and conscientiousness. I don’t tell you to sit 3 hours a day or even 1 hour a day. Spend 2 times a week 1,5 -2 hours on a Spanish book + literature and a dozen or so minutes every day on words, e.g. before bedtime and on the Para Ti program. – It does not cost much and the results will be surprising.

Spanish is very easy – incredibly pleasant and logical – the whole grammar is somehow connected and most of it you can say what you think is different from the English I hate personally.

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