Learning English quickly and effectively – How to learn English?

Effective English language learning

The question “how to learn English quickly?” is asked by many people, especially those who are beginning to learn English and want to see the results of their work quickly. Today I will try to give you some simple and intuitive ways to learn English quickly without spending nights learning.

The ways and methods that I’m going to present to you have been successfully applied to learning English myself and I have to say that they are particularly beneficial. They are most helpful in understanding, understanding by ear and understanding of the text being read.

Oh, I almost forgot when it comes to advice number 1, I know from experience that people who want to know how to learn English quickly often underestimate it. Don’t make that mistake. If you don’t believe what I’m writing about, ask your friends who have been or are in England or Ireland. I guarantee you that they will support me.

How to quickly learn English Mode 1

Learn the words. Words are most important when learning a new language, but in a slightly different way than you think. I’ll tell you why it’s so important and why it’s so important to learn English quickly. . If you ever go to an English-speaking country. You will soon find out that what is most lacking in speaking English is words. You don’t need to know all the times perfectly, for example, forgotten or dependent speech.

Talking to e.g. English, you will mainly use only three times: past, future and present. If you know them well and you know a lot of English vocabulary, you will easily get along with everyone and the matter of how fast you learn English will be very simple for you.

How to quickly learn English Mode 2

Surround yourself in English. What does it mean? Literally what it says. Make sure that you get English from every side and wherever possible. How quickly you will learn English depends on how much contact you have with the language.

If English reaches you from several media. You read English newspapers, speak English, watch TV where they speak English. Then you will learn English much faster than if you were learning normally.

See how fast people learn English when they are in England. After all, they are there, constantly surrounded by English. Television, radio, newspapers, people on the bus use English.

If I were to give you just one piece of advice, how to learn English quickly? Here it is:

Surround yourself with this language, from all sides. Try to think in English, think about what you want to say in English, think about what you want to say, think about what you want to say in English (speaking English to yourself in your mind).

Other methods of learning English

1. Tell yourself what you have learned yourself.
2. Imagine that you are teaching someone. You teach them this knowledge accurately, clearly and understandably.
3. Associate new facts with what you already know.
4. Read with understanding, underline important and difficult words.
5. Make regular repetitions.
6. Write a daily learning plan.
7. Concentrate on the topic of your choice.
8. Learn even if you are not in the mood for it. it is about developing a habit of everyday learning.
9. Study every day for at least one hour.

Now, with regard to point 6, a few detailed tips.

The daily learning plan may look like this:

1. I will learn about the time of the Present Simple.
2. I will read a short text in English.
3. I will translate a fragment of the text to English or vice versa.
4. I will listen to the recordings in English several times.

Of course, you can learn it from books and records, I recommend learning from the Internet.There are many pages devoted to learning English, just type in the search engine – learn English.

A way to learn a language effectively is to first learn the things that are the most difficult for you, then leave the topics easier and the ones you like to learn.

It is also important to focus on one thing at a time, some people complain about a lack of concentration, first of all, it is important to realize that concentration is not about rigid thinking on one subject, then when you are concentrated, loose thoughts flow through your mind, you understand what you read and you don’t mind even background music or the sounds outside the window.

For those who find it difficult to concentrate, I give a few affirmations to repeat.

It’s good and good for me when I’m focused on what I do.

Concentration is nice, easy and pleasant for me.

My concentration is independent of external factors.

Another important thing is the place to learn. It’s worth that you set yourself one permanent place to learn, then blow your mind immediately “programmed into the learning mode”.
I prefer to learn in the morning, when the mind is still rested. It is also worth taking short breaks while learning.

When you like to learn, the very possibility of gaining knowledge is a reward for you. I advise everyone else to read something about internal motivation, which gives much better results than external ones.

The above methods of learning have been used with good results for some time now and I recommend them to everyone who likes to learn foreign languages.

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