How to take care of laptop battery?

How to take care of your laptop battery?

The battery is often the most problematic part of our laptop. Unfortunately, it often breaks down and loses capacity. Why do we have such problems with it – it is often the biggest mystery in the world. It so happens, however, that the answer is simple: because we do not always know how to take care of it.

First of all, the type of battery is very important when it comes to proper battery care. Li-Ion type batteries (used in laptops for some time now) do not require formatting. They come with your laptop ready to use. However, they should never be unloaded to the very end. This can significantly reduce their capacity. However, in the case of nickel batteries it is necessary to format. In addition, such a battery should be discharged to zero once a month and then fully charged. We also have a choice of lithium batteries, which in turn should not be fully discharged or 100% charged.

Pulling them out of your laptop while it is plugged into the power supply can ensure a longer battery life. Of course, not all laptops are capable of operating exclusively on external power, especially for older models. However, if we have this possibility, let’s use it as often as possible.

Heat has a big influence on batteries. Experts advise to pull out the batteries if the computer is to be plugged in against the current for a long time. During intensive work laptops can get really hot, and this will adversely affect the battery. Besides, remember not to leave your laptop in a hot car in the summer.

How do I store my laptop battery?

It should be removed from the laptop when it is half loaded, not more. Keep it in a dry place, preferably at room temperature. Some people come up with the idea to put the battery in… fridges. You shouldn’t be doing that. But if this happens before you connect it to your laptop, let it at least reach room temperature.

A very important element is also the power supply for the laptop battery

If it is of good quality, has small or even no voltage fluctuations, it does not adversely affect the battery. However, if it is of poor quality and we often charge the battery unevenly with it, it may shorten its life span.

In everyday use of the computer, we should remember about the many available power supply options. “Sleep” and “hibernation”, sensibly used, allow you to save a considerable amount of energy, and thus to keep our battery in good quality for longer.

The batteries we use in our laptops will not last forever. However, we don’t have to replace them every year. To make sure they last as long as possible, let’s take good care of them every day.

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