How to start saving money?

Start saving money right now!

Simply start saving money right away in 8 different ways.

Start saving money: don’t go shopping.

If you don’t go to a store to buy a particular item, don’t go. If you go, you make the decision to spend your money on something that you hardly or no longer need for anything. Why? Every shop is one big marketing where everything is set up, shown only from one angle: to buy. Nobody cares whether you buy something you need or not. It’s all about buying.

Following the same line: it is absolutely essential that you avoid treating shopping as any kind of entertainment. However, if you treat shopping in this way, you return to the starting point (see paragraph above).

Start saving money: spend less than you earn.

This tip is a slogan that’s so patched up, repeated in thousands of different ways, and so many people still act against it. Why? All inventions in the style of credit cards, credits and consumer loans are designed to give you the feeling that you have a virtually unlimited amount of cash, which – in addition – is not yours, so that without great internal persuasion you can spend this money on whatever you want. It’s a simple way to get into financial trouble. If you don’t want it, follow a simple rule: always buy with cash and your own cash.

Start saving money: take care of what you already have.

It’s not just about the items you own, but also about yourself. If you take care of what you have by doing really small things like vacuuming your home, changing the oil in your car, etc., it’s not only about what you have, but also about yourself. – This way you prolong the lifespan of all these things, and this means that you don’t have to change them and/or buy a new item, which means you save money.

Start saving money: use what you have, as long as you can.

Don’t exchange an item for a new one just because you want to, or because they say so in advertising, etc. Replace only when you have a real reason to do so. So, drive your car to death. Replace your car only when it is not worth repairing it. Wear your clothes until you really can see from them, that they are very worn out, etc., etc., and only when it is not worth to repair it, replace the car.

Start saving money: do it yourself

If you have any small repairs to do, don’t call on the so-called “professional” right away, but try to do it yourself. Probably one time you will be able to fix it yourself for a fraction of the price you would have to pay a professional. But if you can’t do it, then – only then – call this expert.

Start saving money: think twice before you buy something.

Just buying an item is a one-time expense (if you pay all in cash), but it’s not the end of the spending at all. All kinds of inspections, maintenance, possible repairs, etc. are involved. – which cost real money. Often it is more profitable to buy a more expensive model of an item than a cheaper one, because the cheaper one is made of poorer quality materials, more often it breaks down, etc. The cost of the item is not as high as the cost of the item, because the cheaper one is made of poorer quality materials, more often it breaks down, etc.

It is difficult to evaluate and calculate all this at the time of purchase, but the point here is not to calculate everything to the last penny, but to think about it all properly.

Start saving money: don’t buy right away

You want to buy an item that you really need. OK, but don’t go to the first better store and don’t buy it right away. Take the time to check the prices, service, warranties, etc. in the different shops. The more shops you visit, the better. Then choose the best offer for you and only then buy yourself this item.

Start saving money: buy used

Why? Because used is cheaper than new, and quality practically like a new item. This applies especially to: cars, clothes, books, toys, etc.

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