How to start my own online business?

Own online business

Establishing a business is usually associated with huge investments and costs. Most often, it is also associated with high risk. Why is it different on the Internet?

The costs of starting an online business are, for example, several hundred dollars. You do not need to rent a place or hire anyone on a contract of employment.

The cost of maintaining a server and a domain for a small e-business, let’s say about several dozen dollars a year – not so much, considering the fact that it is your “premises”. – available on any computer connected to the Internet, 24 hours a day.

When it comes to software – you can use free Open Source scripts – there are portal systems, online shops, e-learning platform – everything you need and much more.

Let’s move on – online payments. This is where services such as PayU and AllPay come in – for a small commission they will handle the payment for you. This allows customers to pay you using credit cards, etc. Of course, you can also offer normal payment by bank transfer to your business account (many companies, e.g. hosting companies, operate exclusively on the basis of this payment method).

Business cases

Bank account. Of course, when doing business on the Internet it is good to have a company account in an online bank. This gives not only very favorable conditions (low fees or no fees), but also the ability to track what is happening on the account via the Internet. As a last resort, you can also use traditional banks – by activating the service of accessing your account via the Internet.

What about accounting? You can also do it online. This is done with the use of accounting systems (search in Google). Thanks to them you enter data on the website on an ongoing basis, and when necessary you print appropriate forms and send them to interested institutions.

Products or services?

The choice is yours. What services do people provide over the Internet? E.g. designing graphics, websites, legal advice, psychological consultations, proofreading, creating business cards, CD prints etc.

If you opt for products – you have two options – physical (e.g. books, backpacks) and electronic (ebooks, online courses) products. The difference lies mainly in the speed with which you can deliver the product to the client and the amount of money you earn on each piece sold.

Electronic products have the advantage that they can be delivered to the recipient as soon as he pays (e.g. by credit card). The sales process does not require you to lift a finger, and your own costs are similarly low for the sales of 20 pieces and 200 pieces….

The disadvantages of electronic products are that people are not used to them yet and if you do not protect them properly – your product can easily go to the P2P network, i.e. illegally become available for free to everyone.

What should I do if I don’t have a product?

Then you have two options – create a product or start selling products of someone else (e.g. online bookshops). Creating products that will sell like fresh buns requires market knowledge, experience and is rather an option for the advanced.

And now, the most important thing – marketing

All the above steps are quite simple – compared to doing really effective marketing on the web. If someone doesn’t sit up to their ears about it – instead of learning painfully from their own mistakes – it’s definitely better to hire someone who has visible RESULTS in this area and, for example, in exchange for dealing with marketing, share a percentage of the profit with this person.

Several valuable books have been written about Internet marketing. You have to take care of high search engine rankings, effective selling texts, building up a database of e-mail addresses of people interested in a given topic, viral marketing, use of voice recordings, your own affiliate program and other important elements.

You may have the world’s greatest product and IT system that sells it, but if you don’t reach the right people with the information about it, you won’t develop in this industry.

A business operating on the English-speaking Internet?

If you speak English, you can also provide services or sell electronic products abroad. There are a number of facilities similar to those mentioned above. For example, there is the ClickBank service, which makes it very easy to do business on the English-speaking Internet. This way you can gain access to an unimaginably large market – but prepare yourself for the strong competition…


If you take the idea of setting up an online company seriously, decide to learn a lot, constantly adjust your “course” by opting for solutions that work, looking at the best, etc., then e-business can become your shortest way to financial independence and wealth.

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