How to start a good tea shop?

A good tea shop

Everyone drinks tea. More and more people know it. There are those who try to turn their knowledge into money and – combining pleasant with useful – open shops and tea shops. How much does it cost to equip tea shops and how to get involved in this business at all?

You have to know each other on tea. And that’s good. A customer who visits a tea shop expects the seller to tell him what to choose. After all, he will not try several dozen different drinks. The seller should know which varieties are mild and which have a stronger taste. What kind of tea stimulates and what kind of tea soothes the mood. For this reason, when considering the opening of a tea shop, it is worth asking yourself whether this is the moment. If so, take action.

Unique furniture, unique mood in the tea shop

Tea shop equipment is a big investment. This is due to the specific nature of the industry and the location. A tea shop is on the one hand a kind of café, but on the other hand a more intimate, cosy and delicate place. In practice it means the necessity of long search for appropriate furniture or accessories that build the climate. Rigid, uniform decor can torment customers looking for something more than just another chain saw selling drinks from a vending machine. In the case of a tea shop, the equipment may consist of antiques, old furniture, wicker garden chairs or small lamps that give the interior the right mood.

Of course, that is not all. Shop equipment must reflect the commercial character of the place. So you have to think about shelves, shelves or a counter or bar. And it is obligatory to have the required devices such as fiscal cash registers.

Much depends on the premises of the tea shop

Of the elements of equipment specific for this type of activity, it is worth mentioning jars or other containers that allow the offered goods to be displayed. Tea placed in transparent vessels makes an impression, stimulates the senses and makes the customer want to make a transaction right away. However, the right amount of this kind of jars has to cost money, so it affects the amount of cash needed to finance the equipment of the shops.

How much cash is needed? Even 10-15 thousand USD. The amount depends primarily on the type and size of premises we are interested in. Rooms that require renovation will require considerable expenditure at the beginning. The bigger the premises, the more you have to pay for the purchase or lease. However, it is worth paying for a good location. A tea shop in the centre of the city, on a busy street means more turnover and thus a faster return on investment.

A tea shop must cost

The equipment of tea shops alone is several thousand dollars. You have to have the same amount for the purchase of goods. It is also not worth saving on it – the richer the offer, the better. It should also be remembered that express tea does not exist in such a place.

A well-equipped and designed tea shop should quickly start to bring profits. And if you don’t succeed, you can think of a coffee roaster.

How to make good tea?

It is not difficult to obtain the perfect infusion that will have an excellent taste and a deep aroma:

Fresh water – you can use good quality cold tap water, e.g. filtered or bottled water.

Each time pour a new portion into the kettle and do not boil the same water several times, because then the brew will be unpalatable.

Preparation of a jug: ceramic, glass, porcelain, stainless steel or cast iron jug is ideal. You can also use metal baskets for brewing, but according to gourmets, tea prepared in this way does not reach its full aroma, because the leaves do not have enough space to develop. Warm up the jug before pouring in the tea. You pour some boiling water into it, move it to cover the walls, leave it for a moment and pour it out.

Amount of tea leaves: Pour the tea leaves into the heated jug so that they cover the bottom of the jug. Their layer should not be too thick – about 2 millimetres is enough. The exception is ulung tea, which should be poured in half as the leaves double their volume when brewing.

Temperature and brewing time: white tea is brewed for 5-10 minutes at 75-85 degrees, green for 2-5 minutes at 70-80 degrees, ulung for 5-7 minutes at 90 degrees, black for 2-5 minutes at 95 degrees.

Note: Do not pour boiling water over any tea.

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