How to start a blog and make money?

How to earn money on a blog – tips for beginners

There are many ways to earn money on a blog. Among other things, we can earn money from advertising, selling our own products such as e-books, audiobooks or courses, writing sponsored articles, or sponsored links or affiliate programs.

If you are running a blog then maybe sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that you would like to start earning money from it, so in this article I will briefly introduce you to each of the 4 ways to earn money on the blog, which I consider to be the most effective.

4 ways to make money on a blog

The most common way of doing this on most websites is to use contextual advertising such as Google Adsense. In this case, the amount of our income depends largely on two factors: the subject of the blog and the number of visitors. One of the better paid industries is finance. As far as the number of visitors is concerned, I think it makes sense to have at least 1000 people a day to be able to receive regular profits every month. Usually, in order to withdraw the accumulated funds, we need to reach a certain minimum payout threshold.

The second way to earn money on the blog are sponsored articles and links. Instead of placing contextual advertisements on our website, we can cooperate with specific individuals or companies that are interested in having their advertisements on our website.

Of course, the articles must be related to the subject of the blog. If we have an automotive blog, we are unlikely to place an article about slimming pills there. Rates for such articles range from several hundred dollars to even several thousand, depending on how many people visit the site and what product will be advertised.

In the same way you can act by placing sponsored links in your articles, which will hide other sites or products that the interested person will want to advertise.

Instead of placing advertisements imposed by giants like Google Adsense on your website, you can place banners of specific companies with which you will cooperate. Assume that you want to place 3 banners and choose the best offers or set a fixed price list for the advertising space. I recommend that you look for your own advertisers and not wait for them to talk to you themselves – usually they won’t be good offers. The advantage is the lack of intermediaries – you gain more money and the customer pays less and knows exactly which website his company’s advertisements are on.

Having a good blog with a large number of visitors you have a chance to cooperate with serious contractors for a longer time and to carry out larger marketing campaigns.

Taking into account the above part of the article, I think that advertising on the blog is nothing bad until it is not too burdensome for the visitor. I mean pop-up windows and blinking, colorful banners.

Another good idea to earn money on a blog is to sell your own products and services. The basic thing at the moment is to build a mailing base and build relationships with your subscribers in order to offer them your products in the future.

I think that it will be much easier and more effective to offer and sell your services to you if you additionally run a blog and share your knowledge with others for free – of course not all the knowledge. Additionally, it is worth showing yourself, so that the Internet user knows who he or she is dealing with and can trust you. Blogs and blogs are easier to position than a page with only a few subpages. When you sell your first product I guarantee you that you will get a large dose of motivation, because it is a great feeling when suddenly money flows into your account even if it is small amounts.

At the end I left the same way as the affiliate programs. When you join an affiliate program, you decide to promote other services and products, for which you usually receive commission. It is important that they are consistent with the subject matter of your blog.

Personally, I was quite negative about partner programs for a long time, and that’s because of the people who invited me to them. Usually I also didn’t like the products I was supposed to promote – I wouldn’t buy them myself, because I thought they were useless. I must admit that recently I found an interesting affiliate program, which in my opinion promotes useful services. It decided that I decided to join it. I must admit that I used 2 offers from this affiliate program myself.

Affiliate programs are not a simple and magical way to earn money from the first day of joining the program, but if you will work systematically, and above all, you will establish a plan of action you can already in a few months to build a pretty large source of passive income. If you are interested in topics earned through the Internet, I don’t have to tell you what passive income is.

Making money on a blog – summary

If you are still wondering how to earn money online I think that after reading this article you will find it easier to find yourself in this topic. In the industries related to earning money, personal development or a healthy lifestyle is probably the greatest crowded which is clearly associated with greater competition, so prepare for the fact that you have to work hard if you want to be successful.

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