How to speed up website on WordPress?

Speed up WordPress website

One of the main factors influencing whether a given user decides to enter a given website is the speed of website loading. In this article I will suggest how to optimize websites based on WordPress.

Have you ever resigned from visiting the website because it was too slow to load? The answer to this question is certainly yes. This is one of the most common reasons why Internet users resign from visiting a given website. 

Currently, one of the most popular platforms on which websites or blogs are created is WordPress . In this article I will suggest how to optimize websites based on this platform to load much faster.

So how to bite the subject of website optimization on WordPress?

At the very beginning it is good to analyze the functionality of our website template and check the plugins installed on the server. It may happen that some of them duplicate functionality and you will be able to simply get rid of some of them. It is also worth to remove all those plugins that for some reason we don’t use anymore. After all, each plug-in is an additional file that unnecessarily burdens the server resources.

It is also worth to take a look at the number of templates installed on the site. Also those that are no longer needed should be removed forever.

Another action that will help to speed up the page on WordPress is the installation of a cache plug-in

Well, every time someone visits our website WordPress creates a special file in which the appearance of our website is generated. Templates, however, contain a large number of files such as CSS or JavaScript and all this affects the time of creation of this file. In the case of weaker servers, this can significantly affect the time of loading the page.  In order to speed up this process you should install a plug-in such as W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache. Thanks to them an HTML file is generated, which will be read immediately after the user enters the website.

Another element that has a significant impact on the speed of the website on WordPress is the database

After removing plugins and unnecessary templates it is also worth to browse the database and remove unnecessary entries from it so that they do not unnecessarily burden the server resources. Optimize Database plugin can be helpful to clear the database from unnecessary or no longer working tables and information.

Finally, don’t forget to adjust the size of the graphics on the website. Don’t exaggerate with the size of graphic files because even at higher and higher speeds it can significantly affect the loading of the website.

If, however, you think that you yourself are not able to cope with the acceleration of your website, it is worth considering using the help of external companies. 

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