How to select a domain name?

How do I choose a domain name for my own website?

What is a domain name? It is a unique name that identifies a website on the Internet. Choosing the right domain name for your own website is an extremely important factor that you can’t neglect when starting your own business (and not only) on the Internet.

A well-thought-out and chosen (proper) domain name can help you secure your traffic, which is tantamount to an increase in sales of your products, services and information.

Short or long domain name?

The domain name you choose should be short and consist of seven characters – if possible. There are, of course, domains with very long names that work on the Internet, but it is crucial to have a short, descriptive domain name that is easy for people to remember and to enter into the Internet search engine.

Your domain name should be associated with (reflect) what your product or service you are offering. If, for example, you sell a book about earning money on the Internet, then a good name for your domain will be e.g. or something that describes (or is even part of the title) the product or service that you are offering (selling). This name must be “descriptive” for and related to this product/service.

Phone test for a domain name

Did your domain name pass the phone test? If you came up with a name for your domain, the moment you tell someone the name over the phone – the person on the other side must be able to write the name, repeat it – without having to ask you to repeat it. Congratulations then! The domain name for your website has passed a telephone test.

If the domain name for your website is complicated and you have to repeat it all the time – try to find another, easier name to pronunciations and remember.

Key words for the domain

It is also helpful to have your own domain name with keywords, e.g. earning, money.

Another important thing is extension. “The “.com” is the most popular extension for domain names; you can also use the “net dot” or even the “.org”. Originally, the “.net” was reserved for technical websites, but now anyone can use it. The same applies to the “.org” extension, which was originally intended for an organization and which anyone can now use.

You can book any of them as you like, so that others won’t book it in front of you. If you have e.g. you can also create (book) and – so that someone else will not use one of them, trying to steal your traffic on the website (traffic).

Use connectors in the domain or not?

There is also the question of using hyphens. Connectors are okay, but if you can, don’t use them in domain names because they don’t pass a phone test (difficult to dictate). However, if you have no choice and you need to use a hyphen to get the domain name you want – then use them, but sparingly.

Do not use double letters in the domain name

Do not use double case letters in domain names either. People may not be sure if there is one letter “a” or two in the domain name. You will always have to spell (maybe even several times) the correct domain name. It is very easy to type it incorrectly.

Catchy vs. practical domain name

There are domains that may not pass a telephone test, but when you see them written – they easily fall into the ear. There are many catchy domain names that are more catchy than practical.

No matter what name you have chosen, make sure it is easy to give notice and write, is relevant to your products, services; it is descriptive and uses keywords in its name for your products and services – if possible, of course. In the long term, a well-chosen and clever domain name can help your business achieve great successes and numerous sales.

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