How to save money on electric bill?

Reduced electricity bills

Electricity costs very much, and there is much to suggest that it will be even more expensive. That’s why it’s worth saving it, especially as the ways to do it are quite simple…..

Watch TV and electricity bills

Very often there are two (or even three) TV sets in the household. In the living room, children’s room, kitchen…..

And these televisions are switched on simultaneously and as if that wasn’t enough, they are set for the same program … 🙂

After all, it is simpler and cheaper to watch this program on one …. such a solution is both economical and more family 🙂

Energy savings: up to 13 %.

Tariff and electricity bills

Here you can always make a different choice.  You can change your power supplier. Many households have resigned from the services of the so-called “office sellers” and have chosen cheaper services.

Saving electricity: up to 15%.

Energy efficient equipment and electricity bills

If you have an old washing machine, do not repair it. It won’t pay off.

Buy a new washing machine better, paying attention to its parameters. Ask your salesperson in particular about water consumption and, of course, electricity…  🙂

The best equipment is economical with class A+ or A++.

Energy savings: up to 30 %.

Electric kettle and electricity bills

If you only want to brew a glass of tea, do not fill the kettle with water to the full, because then it is no wonder that the electricity bills are high.

Also make sure that the heater in the kettle (when not covered by the base) is not covered with stone, because then it will consume more electricity.

Energy savings: up to 15 %.

Energy-saving light bulbs and electricity bills

Do not illuminate the entire house/apartment when you are in only one room. It is a good idea to use energy-saving bulbs in places where the light bulbs last longer. This is an expense, but it will certainly pay off. You will pay lower electricity bills.

Saving electricity: 25 %

Charger and electricity bills

Many people push the charger into the socket and then forget about it, because they think that it does not draw electricity because they are not charging their mobile phone or camera at the moment.

Nothing more wrong.

Chargers, even if they do not charge the phone or other equipment, consume electricity. Always remember to remove the charger from the wall outlet when you charge your equipment.

Save electricity: up to 5 %.

Healthy environment and electricity bills

A household can consume several hundred kilowatt hours of energy per month.

So by introducing even small changes in our behaviour, we will be able to strengthen our household budget with savings and at the same time reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the environment.

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