How to save money heating your home?

Saving money on heating your home

Heating bills are a significant item in any home budget. That’s why it’s not worth wasting money and we have to make sure that the heat doesn’t run away from our flat or house.

How to save on heating: tight windows and doors

If your apartment or house has leaking windows or doors, up to 50% of the heat escapes through them. You can check the tightness of a closed window by inserting a rigid sheet of paper between the frame and the sash. If there is no exit at all, it means that the sash is adjacent to the frame. The bottom of a leaking door simply blows….

How to save on heating: control heat

If your radiators do not have thermostats, install them as soon as possible. This way you will be able to regulate the temperature in individual rooms and thus save on heating bills.

If you reduce the temperature by just one degree, you will reduce energy consumption by about 6%.

Note: The temperature in the living room should not exceed 20 degrees Celsius, and in the bedroom – 18 degrees Celsius.

How to save on heating: radiator without a cover

Some radiator covers have a very impressive appearance, but in winter they should be dismantled because they prevent the heat from spreading freely around the room.

Note: The radiators are overclocked so that they heat up harder and consume up to 20% more energy.

Do not cover the radiators with furniture or thick curtains, because then you also lose heat.

How to save on heating – other tips

It is worth to ventilate your apartment often.  You will feel better, so don’t give it up for fear of losing warmth. The apartment should be ventilated briefly but intensively (do not leave the window open all day long), this way you will not lose heat and at the same time you will not cool down the apartment. When you feel a breath of fresh air in your home, you can be sure that it has been replaced.

All types of casings, curtains, furniture that are placed close to radiators, a thick layer of paint, interfere with their work and do not allow heat to spread throughout the room. Place the furniture at least 1 meter from the radiator. If you want to paint the radiator, first remove the old paint and only apply a new one. Think about installing heater screens made of insulating material. Their task is to reflect the heat flux, so that it is directed inwards and not to heat the neighbor’s apartment  🙂

It is necessary to replace the windows if you have leaks. This will really save you a lot on heating. A leaking window is a serious loss of heat. When you replace them with new ones, you can reduce the loss even by half. Insulation of the building allows to reduce even 20% of the total heat demand of the building.

Free heating

In winter not much sunshine, but on sunny days it is worth exposing not only curtains, but also curtains, because thanks to the greenhouse effect, the temperature in the apartment can rise by a few degrees.

At night, pull on the roller blinds, because this will reduce heat loss. However, do not cover the radiator.

If you want to pay less for heating in winter, make sure that the heat does not escape not only from your apartment, but also from the staircase.

Note: Do not leave the front door or windows open, because cooling down the building causes an increase in heat consumption of up to 10%. And all residents will pay the bills for lost energy.

You can also think about building a so-called vestibule at the entrance. Its task is to compensate for the temperature difference that prevails outside the building and its interior.

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