How to promote online store?

How to effectively promote an online store

In order to promote their online store, their owners do various things to promote them. All in all, this word to promote the online store does not mean anything yet. You can actually promote your online store. It can be recognizable, appreciated, cool but is it enough?

Even if it is recognizable and known, you will still have nothing of it. If you don’t have a sale in your online store, it won’t give you anything.

That’s why you have to consider whether to advertise your online store in general or the products in the shop, or the squeezer website itself, in order to attract potential customers.

Advertising the online store in general does not bring great benefits. Only that the customer will look at him or her and when he or she comes out, he or she will never come back to him or her anymore. When you advertise your online store in general, when someone enters the shop’s website with a general phrase on which you advertised the shop is not yet determined for a specific product.

Conversion (the number of people entering the store converted into buyers) is then small. The somebody enters the shop and does not yet know exactly what they want.

Quite differently than the customer enters the website of an online store after clicking on a specific advertisement of what he is looking for e.g. a book about the repair of a X car. Then the conversion will be much better than in the first case.

An even better method is to advertise not so much the online store and products placed in it as the squeezer’s website itself. Then your potential customer does not enter the shop but this page. On this page you have to give him something, a report, a free course so that he will give you his e-mail address.

Once you have signed up, you can contact him and build your trust. When a potential customer gets to know you, you can sell him not only one product, but also many more. The customer trusts you and knows you. The effectiveness of this method is very good. The downside, however, is that you will not have a sale immediately after some time when the customer will get to know you and trust you.

How to start promoting your online store effectively?

There is one big mistake that many novice entrepreneurs make. Rather there are no people who, when they go fishing, put on a hook what they like to catch fish. Nobody puts strawberries or chocolate on the hook 🙂

In order to catch fish you have to put on the hook what fish loves. There is no other option because if you do not, you will not catch anything and you will return home hungry. There is also a second bottom of this successful procedure. Before you go fishing you have to think about what kind of fish you want to catch.

If you go for carp, you put on a hook on a nice breed. You choose where to fish, where the carp is, where it feeds. If you want to catch a pike with a hook, you put on something completely different. You also go to another place to fish. Carps usually walk on mud, pike stands in bushes and attacks with surprise.

You have to do the same in your online store

You have to determine exactly and concretely which people you want to reach. You need to determine your target group. With completely different ways and methods you have to reach the target group, e.g. young mums, and completely different e.g. to businesswomen.

Here and here women. However, they spend time in other places. Others have life needs at that particular time as they are now. What else they want and others have problems.

If you want to sell anything to one group or another, you have to reach them by other methods. Just like in fishing. Other product parameters will be wanted by a young mother and other businesswoman who still has a tight calendar, and other parameters, e.g. a car mechanic.

When you don’t know who you want to reach, you’ll be hit blindly with a cannon. Maybe you will shoot something, but it will be a pure coincidence anyway. If you don’t choose your target group, you will still have problems that most entrepreneurs have. Why my products don’t sell.

You need to know who you want to reach, where your target group resides. What she likes, what problems she has.

Once you know it and establish relationships with them, sales will be a pure pleasure.

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