How to organize effective telemarketing in company?

Effective telemarketing in company

Telemarketing, although often badly associated, is one of the most effective methods of reaching customers. This is why more and more companies decide to have their own telemarketers or use the so-called Call-Center.

The truth is that creating one’s own telemarketing station, well, creating one’s own small call-centre is very simple and allows for more precise control over the results and elimination of external costs of companies, mediating in hiring employees.

So what should you do to make telemarketing profitable for you and not for the intermediaries?

In order for telemarketing to be profitable you have to meet three basic conditions.

Effective telemarketing in company: condition 1

Customer base

In order to start contacts with customers, it is necessary to first decide on the target group for a given telemarketing campaign and to adjust the database to it. The contact databases are different. If you have a developed database, it is worth using it as a basis for further contacts.

If not, you will have to decide where to come from, which will become the foundation of the database you are building. The easiest way is to use catalogs available for free on the Internet. You can also buy a ready-made database, although a good database usually involves significant costs.

Effective telemarketing in company: condition 2


A telemarketer must be a person with good diction and great voice emission skills. After all, he speaks for most of the working day. He or she must also be stress-resistant. It is good if he already has experience in a similar job. But whether or not he or she has one, he or she needs product training. It is also worth thinking about sending him for training in telemarketing or building relationships with customers. Such trainings are often financed by the European Union, so it may turn out that a new employee can be trained without incurring additional costs.

Effective telemarketing in company: condition 3

Organisation of work

The work of a telemarketer must be organised in such a way that the employee has all the customer data available in one place and can use them conveniently and quickly. It is worth thinking about equipping the telemarketer with appropriate work tools. The most important thing here will be a low-noise headset, a computer and a program of CRM class, allowing for comfortable and fast calling.

When telemarketing begins, it will be important to analyse telemarketing campaigns. This will be done mainly by means of CRM and, if you decide on such a solution, a system for recording telephone conversations. Each company has its own specificity of activity and will need different data for analysis. CRM should be able to provide such data in the form of reports.

What information will you use most often?

Report on telemarketer effectiveness

Such a report should contain, first of all, information on how many contacts ended up with a positive result, regardless of whether it is a sale, an appointment or a survey. Such a report will give you information not only about the effectiveness of the telemarketer himself, but also about the effectiveness of the campaign in which he was involved.

Activity duration report

Such a report will allow you to analyze what takes the most time for the telemarketer and check if there are places where you can save time so that the telemarketer can work more efficiently.

Report on selected customers

This type of reporting is especially useful for longer contacts with one client. It should allow you to quickly extract the most important information about the state of work.

To sum up, organized telemarketing in the company is easy and brings substantial profits, especially since you will have to share information about your customers with call-centre intermediaries and you will be able to shape telemarketing campaigns yourself. This way you will reach your customers quickly and efficiently.

So it is worth looking at this form of direct marketing with a more favourable eye and take advantage of its benefits yourself.

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