How to optimize graphics on a website?

Optimize images for website

When positioning a website, we attach a lot of importance to the text itself, less to graphics. This is a mistake because goggles often enriches search results with graphics. Appropriate image positioning will help us to improve our results and distinguish our website from the competition, which focuses on text positioning.

So what should be done to help the search engine reach not only the text but also our graphics?

First of all, you should remove graphics from the website that do not match the subject matter of our website. In their place you should put pictures that match the content of our website. We should also check whether the pictures are clear, i.e. have the appropriate resolution, contrast, etc. Graphics is shown in search engines in the form of thumbnails. Therefore, in order to be clearly visible, the images must be of high quality.

Replace these graphics with graphics that match the thematic content of the site

Even if you have purchased a license for the previous license and there is still some time left to expire, get rid of it. If the images are not thematically related to the website, the search engine robots may have problems identifying the subject matter of the graphics.

It is very important to include keywords in the attributes “alt”.

In this tag there should be a description of the photo. The search engine will not see an image that is not described in any way. Describing an image will help the search engines to reach such an graphics and display it in the search results. In the attribute “alt” we should put keywords, on which we position the page.

Names of files should correspond to what is on them and contain keywords

When naming an graphics you should not use full sentences, it is enough to use a few words or phrases separating them with dashes, e.g. credits-housing-mortgages.jpg. Dashes are treated by search engines as a space.

Text around graphics is also extremely important

Search engine robots scanning a website are looking for text around graphics. That is why it is so important. It is worth to place a keyword around the graphics. This will make it easier for search engines to link graphics with content.

Make sure that the directory in which the graphics are located is available for search engines

Don’t block this directory for fear that someone will be able to hijack your photos. You should also allow photos to be published, but only with a signature referring to your website. This will increase traffic to your website.

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