How to monitor your website?

Monitoring of the website

A website is a serious medium of our times. The amount of information transmitted via the Internet is overwhelming, and yet new websites are created every day. While the completion of the creation process is a milestone, it is nevertheless important to take care of the website not only in terms of content, but also technically.

As a rule, a problem with a website occurs for a certain period of time, after which it may not occur for a long time. Most often, however, the problem returns cyclically and is visible only to a certain part of the audience. Owners visit their website several times a day, but there is no guarantee that they will detect a failure at a given moment. Most often, therefore, the problem is reported by users of the website, but only after a few days.

Problem with a website not working

This problem applies to everyone who makes their website available on the Internet. Everyone – sooner or later – will encounter a website that does not respond, or acts incorrectly. The longer the failure is, the more people will have a problem with reaching the content. In the worst situation, however, there are people who have their own online store.

For them, the slightest failure is the lack of possibility to sell goods, and every potential customer encountering a problem with the shop will quickly think twice before buying something – most often looking for similar services from the competition. However, this does not relieve anyone from the responsibility for taking care of their website – after all, it is our image on the Internet!

What are the causes of problems with an unavailable website?

A common cause is a problem with the service provider. However, this one does not always see the problem and needs to be reported – the faster the shorter the response time. However, to a large extent the problems result indirectly from the code of the website. Errors in the assumptions that result from time can turn the website off for good.

Many websites also use a database, where information about articles, products or by users is kept. The problem with such a database translates directly into the lack of accessibility of the website for users.

The last also frequent case is the increased amount of traffic on the website, where the server stops sending for the number of users. It is a cyclical problem, which appears in given hours and/or days of the week. Therefore, constant observation of the website gives the possibility of detecting this problem.

Automatic website monitoring

The problem is very difficult to detect, so there are monitoring tools available, which relieve you of this obligation. Website monitoring allows you to keep track of its availability at all times. In case of encountering an irregularity (unforeseen failure), an e-mail or SMS notification is sent, which significantly shortens the response time.

It allows to make a decision to act before the user realizes that the problem has occurred at all. This allows you to maintain continuity in the operation of the website and create a good business card on the Internet. The available failure report will guide you to the cause of the problem. Looking through other information you can see how long the website loads during given hours and days, which allows you to detect excessive workloads.

In this way you can focus all your attention on running the website so that it is more attractive for the user and forget about the technical aspects.

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