How to make money on Instagram?

Making money from Instagram

Browsing through Instagram on the phone during travel, boring classes, work breaks, doesn’t have to be a waste of time! See how you can earn with this app and make your profile more recognizable!

The development of social media, information technologies, a new, fresh look at online marketing allows for new ways of earning money. One of the biggest “players” in the marketing market has recently become Instagram. Making money with these applications is not difficult at all, it does not require specialist skills, and most importantly – everyone can earn money from it – regardless of whether they are a recognizable person or not, or whether they are a star, celebrity or (un)average Smith; all they need is a sufficiently large number of followers, interesting good quality photos, appropriate hashtags… nothing more than that – you are welcome to communicate with commentators and observers, and you will have success in your pocket!

How to make money with Instagram?

This is a question many beginners ask themselves. The most important thing is to get followers. How to do it? Fill in your bio with the right information in an accessible and attractive way. Bio is a place on the profile of every user of the portal, where he can include a short note about himself, targeting his profile, contact.

Also, make sure that your posts are regular, have the right hashtags to correspond with the picture and the uploaded description and, most importantly, that they are popular with your audience. Do the best you can with your uploaded photos! Take the time to do it, don’t “throw in” anything. Make friends with the photo editing software, use filters, crop the photos so that they are pleasing to the eye.

Sponsored posts on Instagram

One of the most popular ways to earn money on Instagram is to create sponsored posts. It’s nothing more than adding photos with a product of a particular brand, bearing hashtags with the product name, brand name and label. It’s very simple, but creativity is welcome, as is the aesthetics of the photos and interesting shots.

Affiliate marketing on Instagram

Sounds dangerous? Nothing could be further from the truth! Affiliation is, like sponsored posts, about promoting a product, which, however, will give you a commission for each sale. Many influential bloggers earn that from Instagram and you can often find pictures and posts promoting products in this way. A characteristic feature of this type of posts are active links (which you receive from your business partner), which are a link to specific products on the brand’s website.

Sale of photos on Instagram

If your passion is photography, you have a good eye, and your photos appeal to your followers, you can think about selling your photos. Instagram is a great place to attract private customers or companies willing to buy your photos. As always, the greatest help will be the right choice of hashtags and good description in bio.

Promoting yourself on Instagram

Do you have your own little business? Blog? Do you sing during various celebrations? Or maybe you do manicure for your friends at home? Use Instagram to promote yourself! Add photos of yourself or your services/products. Get new customers. Reproducing posts from satisfied customers and clients will add splendor and attractiveness to your profile. It’s a great way to drive sales! Try it!

Earn money…

The beginnings are not always easy, but it is worth spending your time on “refining” your profile, attracting observers and collaborating. Although you may not earn colossal sums at first, remember that the biggest Instagram players can get $550 for one uploaded promoted post – this is the case with Selena Gomez, and Kim Kardashian gets $500 for one uploaded photo! It’s a really good motivation to act! Remember that your imagination is not limited by any patterns or stereotypes. Creativity and creativity are included in the price!

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