How to make money from your website?

How you can earn money from your website

Even if you initially treated the creation of websites only as a hobby, sooner or later the time will come to earn money from them. If you are not yet experienced in advertising on the Internet, the following 8 tips should give you an idea of how you can use your pages for advertising.

8 ways to earn money on websites

1. Fees for additional functionalities – on websites where it is possible to open accounts, you may charge for additional functionalities.

2. Fees for distinctions – if the ad database on your website grows quickly, encourage users to distinguish their ads for a fee.

3. Google AdSense – this programme is open to a wide variety of sites, whether or not they are highly viewed.

4. Advertising networks – only popular services can count on cooperation with advertising networks. In such a case, they have all the advertising space of a given service.

5. Mailing lists – if you offer a free add-on (e.g. unpublished article) in exchange for signing up for a newsletter, you can send advertisements on these e-mails provided that you have informed about this possibility at the time of signing up.

6. Affiliate programs – if you sign up for an affiliate program, certain products are promoted on the website and you earn money when you go to the store and make a purchase via the affiliate link.

7. Sponsored articles – the more readable the page, the more people will be interested in buying sponsored articles.

8. Paid access – in this way, specialist services, which offer paid access to additional, unpublished materials, can earn money.

Before you choose which way of earning money from websites, you should consider whether your website has sufficient viewing power to advertise on it. Adjust their form to the subject matter of the website and, above all, to its target group.

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