How to increase blog traffic for free?

7 effective ways to increase traffic on your blog

Learn about the 7 most famous, effective and, in addition, free methods to increase traffic on your blog. These tips are proven and recommended by many top-level bloggers.

You have a blog or website – congratulations, you have an advantage over millions of other people, including Internet users who don’t have them. But you’re surely wondering what ways to use to increase your exposure on the Internet so that your website is visited by more people. Yes, there are people who create a blog in a sense for themselves and do not care about the readers, maybe with the exception of friends…… But over time even such people realize how fun it is to engage more people in discussion on the blog, or simply their interest in our blog.

Whether you have a business blog or a personal blog, you can certainly use a few simple ways to increase the viewing experience of your website.

Valuable content on the blog

Nothing attracts as much attention as the interesting, valuable and reliable content of entries on the blog. Think about what would interest you and how it would be presented if you were looking for information on a given topic. How often you would like to see new content on this blog.

Comments on other blogs

An important step to increase the number of visitors to your blog is also to post comments on other blogs, leaving a link to your website in the appropriate box. Especially if someone leaves a comment on your blog, look at their website and post a comment there, it is also a way of thanking them for their comment. Remember, however, to make sure that your comments are valuable and contribute something to a given post on another blog. Nobody will accept a comment that is spam, and would you like to see such comments on your blog?

Participation in online social media

Do you have an account, e.g. on Facebook? Twitter? Linkedin? These are all places that bring together millions of users, people who, like you, are looking for interesting information, as well as information about other people they know, such as friends. These portals offer a number of options for people who want to engage others in interesting discussions, inform about interesting events or share their knowledge. You can create fan clubs (e.g. on Facebook) or interest groups (e.g. Linkedin).

Use discussion forums to promote your blog

Nowadays there are discussion forums on almost every topic on the Internet, where you can share your knowledge, help somebody solve the problem or also find out many useful things. As a rule, by subscribing to such a forum, you can create your profile and also put a link to your website. However, always remember to make your comments interesting and valuable, and ask questions related to the topic of discussion. Again – nobody will be interested in you and your website if what you write is spam. Worse still, such spam comments can cause you to be expelled from the forum. You certainly want to avoid this.

Registration of a blog in search engine data sets

In this way, your blog will be indexed faster and will appear faster in searches.

Registration of a blog on social bookmarking sites

I’ll just mention the importance of social bookmarks sites, which are used by millions of people around the world, so registration and a good summary of your site and an interesting title can attract a lot of people to your site.

RSS blog

That is Really Simple Syndication. Currently, most websites and blogs are equipped with this system. It enables a simple, quick subscription to a given blog. If you have subscribed via email, you will receive an email every time new content appears on your blog. This tool saves time, especially if you follow many different blogs.

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