How to improve your memory?

You too can improve your memory

Each of us would like to have a perfect memory, remember hundreds of information after hearing it once. Is it possible? Many people say that they have a great memory and remember everything they need, but there are also those who have a big problem with it. Where did this difference come from?

In my opinion, many different factors contribute to this state of affairs. Some people have practiced or simply inherited habits, they know what to do to keep their minds in good shape.

Before we move on to ways to improve our memory, the ability to remember, we will explain what memory is, how to define it?

According to Wikipedia, memory is the ability to record and recall sensory impressions, associations and information. People, some animals and computers have memory.

The first part of the definition concerns recording. Imagine that we are a camera and record everything we see. This is the process of recording information. However, the human mind is much more complicated than the camera. In order to remember something efficiently, we have to associate it with something or someone we already know. For example, when we meet a new person and they give us their name, let’s associate this name with a person we already know. This way we combine information, it helps in effective remembering.

The second part of the definition of memory concerns the ability to recall impressions, associations or information. Speaking even simpler language, it is simply about remembering what we already know. It happens consciously or unconsciously, depending on the situation, e.g. we walk, the sun comes out and suddenly it gets very warm. Our mind sometimes, without our conscious decision, suggests images from holidays when we were lying on the beach and sunbathing. On the other hand, conscious recreation of information takes place when e.g. someone asks us a question and we have to answer it. We consciously associate the question with the answer that we have somewhere in our heads.

As we can see, memory is an ability that we can practice. Training makes the master, the one who exercises more is better, the one who exercises more has a better memory. But in order to practise effectively, it is also necessary to take into account a few additional factors. It is said that a good musician will play just about anything, it’s true, but how much more beautiful is his music when he plays on decent equipment.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, here are some basic ways to help our memory:

How to improve your memory: eat properly

Adequate nutrition is very important, it improves not only physical, but also mental condition. If we exaggerate, for example, with the amount of sweets we eat, our body will be sluggish, sluggish, it will be hard to force our mind to work. In such a state it is difficult to register new information. Someone may think that sweets are glucose, it gives us energy. Yes, but glucose is consumed in reasonable quantities.

Let’s eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, drink mineral water, let’s not abuse coffee. These are natural sources of energy, necessary for our body to function properly.

How to improve your memories: do physical exercise

It is said that in a healthy body a healthy spirit. This is a very old statement, but also very true. Exercising, sweating, sweating, sweating, we release ourselves from our body along with toxins sweat. Our body cleanses itself, we feel better, endorphins or hormones of happiness are released. But what is the connection with effective remembrance. Well, it’s huge! It has been scientifically proven that a relaxed body works much more efficiently, a relaxed mind learns much more “willingly” and recalls the information previously remembered.

How to improve your memory: let’s do relaxation exercises

Relaxation exercises in a sense are combined with physical exercises. Well, relaxation exercises, as the name suggests, bring us into a state of relaxation. Our mind likes this state very much, then we forget about worries, worries, annoyances. We start to enjoy the moment, we have new energy, which we can use in any way, e.g. we willingly learn new things then. There are many multimedia courses, e.g. learning foreign languages, which before each lesson introduce the student to a state of relaxation just to better remember new words.

How to improve your memory: let’s make sure we have a healthy night’s sleep

A scientific experiment was once carried out, which was that a selected group of people were not allowed to sleep for a few days. They wanted to know what effect sleep deprivation has on the state of mind. It turned out that after a few days of insomnia many people were not able to answer the question what they were called. They were simply so tired, their minds were so tired that they could not recall such basic information. If we want our memory to be efficient, we have to sleep an appropriate number of hours. In fact, it is a different amount for each person, let’s experiment, let’s see how much sleep we really feel good after.

How to improve your memory: stimulants

When it comes to stimulants, one has to be very careful. In my opinion, by drinking coffee in reasonable quantities, we are able to improve our memorization process. However, if we exaggerate, we can harm ourselves. As we know, coffee contains caffeine, which effectively increases blood pressure. It’s like putting on a turbo in a car. If we use it with our head, it will not destroy our engine, if we exaggerate then a visit to the service will be waiting for us.

How to improve your memory: learn the techniques of remembering

Memory techniques are a very broad field of knowledge. Many schools have been established which only teach how to learn effectively using proven techniques of remembering. Generally speaking, they are based on strengthening the stimuli when registering new information. For example, it is much easier for our minds to remember funny and comic information. 

Imagining a thing we want to remember in a funny, unbelievable way, we contribute to a significant increase in the likelihood of remembering this thing. Just like with chain links, there are weaker and stronger links. Remembering techniques “build” strong links that allow us to remember new information quickly and for a long time.

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