How to improve website performance?

How you can improve the performance of your website

Your website is good, but would you like it to work even better? Or maybe you are wondering what to do to reduce the rejection rate and keep the recipient on your portal as long as possible? In this article you will find 5 proven, effective tips to help you optimize your website!

Improve the performance of your website: reduce the weight of images

Today’s Internet users expect that the websites they visit will read in at a rapid pace. Many people will resign from staying on your website, if it will have to wait several seconds to load individual items. A good way to shorten this time is to “lose weight” the added photos. You can use tools such as Kraken or plug-ins for WordPress-based websites such as Tinypng or Tinyjpg.

Improve the performance of your website: take care of safety

The basis for a well-functioning website is its security. Unfortunately, not everyone remembers it and every day Google finds 9500 malware-infected websites. So rely on secure SSL encryption and regularly update your plug-ins. Also carefully check who their provider is – choose trusted, reputable companies.

Improve the performance of your website: less is more

Excess of photos and graphic elements on your website can mean not only longer loading of your website, but also chaos and disorder. If you want your website to be clear and enjoyable to browse, bet on minimalism and the rule “less is more”.

Improve the performance of your website: analyze

There are many tools on the web that will allow you to analyze how your website works. Using Google Analytics or popular heat maps you can check which areas of your website need to be improved. Make sure that all elements and subpages of your website look good also on mobile devices.

Improve the performance of your website: take advantage of the support of professionals

If you want your website to work flawlessly, entrust its creation to professionals. Companies that create websites know exactly what to do to ensure that your website is loaded quickly, easy to navigate, safe and modern, attractive design. You can choose to cooperate online or use the services of a website development company in your city.

A website is a business card of your company. If you want it to be attractive and encourage the recipients to use your services, you must take care of its good, efficient operation, safety and transparency. We look forward to hearing from you!

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