How to get customers on Facebook?

How can you win customers on Facebook

You can hear everywhere that Facebook is a great place for marketing. You set up a personal profile. You add whoever you can to your friends. You set up a page on Facebook. Invite your friends to it. It turns out that all this does not translate absolutely into sales.

The point is that someone who is your friend or a fan of the Facebook page does not mean that they want to be your customer. You only lose time to build up a multitude of contacts that have no value at all. It’s a waste of time for such an imposing marketing. It is better to use relationship-based marketing.

Attract instead of imposing yourself on Facebook

On Facebook there are two ways to establish a relationship: you impose yourself or attract. There is a huge difference between the two. Often only seemingly something you do will attract customers to you.

By inserting greetings with a link to your sales page you are not attracting at all. In this way you show that you are talking about sales. And people don’t like it when it sells to them. In this way, you are counterproductive.

It’s much better if you focus on building your expert position. Facebook is great for that. You do it by helping others. You can introduce yourself as much as possible on someone else’s board. But if you already want to give your business card, then give a link to the business card.

Use your Facebook business card skillfully

On Facebook, your business card is primarily your personal profile. You can also use Facebook as a website for some time. This means that you can introduce yourself as a website. However, you can only do this on other websites, not on personal profiles.

This gives you the opportunity to insert your business cards on websites where your potential customers may be. Remember that this option also works the other way round. Wherever you want to show up, you must first like it (click “Like”) and thus add the site to your favourites on your site. So you advertise on your website at the same time. But all in all, it usually pays off, especially if the target group is the same and your products complement each other very well.

If you want to position yourself personally as an expert, then you should use your personal profile at the beginning to advertise your person. Here you have more flexibility than when navigating as a website. You can participate in the websites as well as in the personal profiles of others. The drawbacks of this approach are the lack of statistics, the need for manual acceptance of friends and the inability to completely separate personal and business activities.

You only have a small moment to draw attention to yourself

Organize your profile or Facebook page in such a way that you can see what you are doing as soon as you enter. If someone thinks this is something they might like or want to add you to their circle of friends.

When people see that you are an expert in something, when they have a problem you know, they will be happy to come to you for help. The point is that they turn for help when they need it. You only need to attract them to yourself and encourage them to ask for help.

Often adding to friends or liking a website is connected with whether you are cool or whether your website is cool. Potential customers will be happy to click on me if they like something. And they like especially when what they find on the website will be a pleasure for them.

And when is something a pleasure? When you can benefit from it right away.

The point is that if you offer products that need to be bought in order to find out about their benefits, even if I don’t know how to praise them on Facebook, people won’t click “I like it! Only when you first give them some advice, which will serve regardless of what you have to pay for, will they like it, they will like you, they will like your website and they will not even know when they will want to like what you sell.

Here, however, there is still a little advice. If you use your personal profile for sales activities, set the visibility of your board for everyone. The Facebook pages have a default accessibility setting for everyone, even for those who are not logged in. In the case of profiles there is no such availability. You have to be at least logged in.

When you use Facebook for a private purpose, you should only allow your friends to join the board. But in the case of business, it’s all about showing yourself to as many people as possible. When you’re attracting instead of imposing yourself, then visibility in many places only works to your advantage.

You need to keep your attention constantly

Attracting to Facebook must not just encourage you to add friends or like your website. You need to be very visible also later.

When someone likes your website or becomes your Facebook friends, the most important role is played by the frequency of posting posts on your own board. Of course, these posts must be valuable to readers. Only then will they be happy to read them.

The more often the posts appear, the more you will start to break through the information noise of the homepage. The more often your name and surname or the name of the page will appear. You will be better remembered and more and more associated with what you write about.

Do you see how important it is that the right posts appear on the board? If in this noise would appear automatic information from some application, then you will start to be ignored. The more you write on Facebook, the more you will stand out and the more your Facebook activity will be perceived as an expert activity.

Placing posts on the board that carry content right away is the best way to attract. In this way you will make even the publication of sales offers from time to time welcome. They will only be a supplement to your basic activity, which will not be associated negatively with sales.

Facebook gives customers, but they have to decide that they want to become them

Looking for customers on Facebook, first take care of the appearance of your profile or website, only then provide substantive support on other websites and profiles, while often publishing valuable content on your board. This way you may attract fewer people than by imposing yourself, but you will have more clients anyway.

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