How to find best keywords for SEO?

How to choose the right keywords for SEO on a website?

When you decide to create your own website, whether to kill time, test your skills, or want to enrich yourself, you count on the fact that it will be visited by users.

But setting up a website on the Internet is not everything. This is only the beginning of a long road. At the very beginning of this journey you will meet the concept of positioning of websites, and immediately after that with the question of how to select keywords to be visible on the Internet? In the article how to choose keywords will be discussed the issue of basic rules that need to be observed during the creation of a website.

How to choose keywords for SEO – basic information

Selecting keywords for your own website may seem like a simple activity. However, from my own experience I can say that it is a “eating” activity with tables and a pen in my hand for a long time.

After this short introduction I will quote the definition of keywords (keywords are defined differently). So, keywords, as the name suggests, is a word or set of words, thanks to which users will enter your website.

There is no clear answer to the question of how to choose keywords. However, there are several ways to determine which ones will cause the number of users on your website to increase.

The article will be based on examples because I know from experience that it is easier to understand the ideas of the whole mechanism.

How to choose keywords for SEO on the website – from the general to the details

The subtitle is not accidental. Proper selection of keywords depends on the side you want to position. The term “general” is imprecise and it is very difficult to find out what it is all about. On a daily basis we meet the term “and I say so generally”, i.e. actually how? Well, and when we say “you know I saw today a cool Huawei P20 phone is a concrete statement and here we will stop for a moment. Running a website that does not have a specific topic is passing the target. Selecting keywords for such a website is very difficult and you do not know what to focus on. That’s why choosing keywords for a website that deals with Huawei phones will be much easier.

So in a good SEO keywords for your website you should first focus on determining the exact subject matter. The next step is to analyze how the competition case is. If the competition is very big and you have chosen keywords that are very close to each other, you should expect a long way to success. That’s why at the beginning you should position your website for less popular keywords, and with time, when you gain more users, add new ones.

At the beginning of the article I wrote that matching keywords for SEO is a time-consuming work with a pen in hand. And so it is in fact. At this point I will go to the example to better illustrate the keyword matching on the website.

How to select SEO keywords for a website – an example

Suppose you are a terrier dog breeder by passion and you have decided to set up a website to share your knowledge about Russian terrier dogs with others. The first step you should do is to determine the subject matter as I did a moment ago. The next step is to investigate the competition. I will start by entering the phrase “terrier dogs” in Google. Selected keywords fit your website as much as possible, but are they precise? – No.

After typing such keywords in the search results there will be a countless number of pages about dogs of this breed. However, when you type in “Russian Terrier Dogs” you will be on the right track. Such selected keywords are much more likely to have your website high in search results.

What does such a keyword matching under SEO give you?

Well, the more keywords you type in the search engine, the easier it will be for search engines to match the results to the content presented on your website.

Of course, a smaller number of results proves that the phrase is less popular (this is not always the case, the situation is different in the case of specialized fields), and thus fewer people on the website. However, it is worth mentioning at this point a certain saying if it can be called so: it doesn’t matter how you say, it’s important to say as much as you say. You are probably wondering now what this sentence has to do with the question of how to choose keywords.

The answer is very simple. If you include keywords in the content of the website (in your case the second variant), you can count on better results. Keeping this rule you will slowly increase the “visitability” of your website.

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