How to fight fatigue with simple and natural methods?

This is how you will fight fatigue

Your mood depends on what you eat. If there is too much fat and sugar on your menu, you may be sluggish and depressed. Bet on healthy products and you will feel better.

Herbs in the fight against fatigue

1.The dandelion has a cholepoietic effect, improves digestion and removes toxins from the body. It contains inulin (soluble fibre), which regulates sugar and cholesterol levels. Drink a glass of infusion twice a day (a teaspoon of herbs per glass of water).

2. Nettle improves liver and pancreas function. It has a diuretic effect, facilitates the excretion of harmful substances from the body, including deposits of uric acid. Drink a glass of infusion twice a day (a tablespoon of nettle per 1/2 l of water).

3. Milk thistle contains silymarin, which detoxifies the liver. It also equalizes blood glucose levels and reduces cholesterol levels. Take 2-3 teaspoons of ground seeds daily.

Dried fruit in the fight against fatigue

They stimulate the work of the intestines and clear them of deposits. These are rich sources of fibre. Eat at least one dried fig, apricot and plum every day.

Thanks to the small, hard seeds, the figs sweep away any food residues from the intestines. They also have detoxifying properties. Apricots should be eaten with hyperacidity, because they neutralize gastric juice and relieve heartburn. Plums work similarly to dates. They cleanse the intestines and remove fat accumulated in the cells.

Celery and beets in the fight against fatigue

These are the masters of detox. They stimulate metabolism and remove uric acid, the excess of which is deposited in the joints and destroys them. Celery (including ribbed celery) and beets can be eaten in salads, cooked, stewed or baked. They cleanse and detoxify the body in any form.

Reach for other vegetables, e.g. sauerkraut, which will improve liver function and help detoxify the body. Drink parsley root stock (a cup twice a day) because it accelerates the excretion of toxins. Add a parsley to the salads, which also improves intestinal function.

Lemon water in the fight against fatigue

In the morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of water with 1/2 lemon juice. Such a drink will stimulate the intestines to work, support the functioning of the liver and cleanse the harmful substances. Although it has a sour taste, it has a deacidifying effect.

Note: After just two weeks of drinking lemon water every day, you will feel the flow of energy. You can also drink it during the day between meals because it inhibits appetite. Reach for it especially when you are struggling with overweight.

Measurement in coffee drinking in the fight against fatigue

If you’ve drunk several cups of coffee a day so far, reduce the amount of coffee to two, but don’t give up drinking coffee, because it has many valuable properties, e.g. it makes it difficult for bacteria to stick to the enamel of teeth, speeds up fat burning, protects the arteries and liver.

Note: In order not to feel the absence of caffeine, first carry out a coffee detox. Don’t put it away immediately, however, because it will hurt your head and you will be sleepy. Do it gradually. When you have halved the amount of coffee you drink, set it aside for a week. Then you only need a cup, two a day.

Avoid this in the fighting fatigue

To accelerate the effects of cleansing, reduce or eliminate from your diet:

Sugar – give it up gradually, stop sweetening drinks at first, then put aside sweets. Replace them with fruit.

Fast food – give them up right away. They contain a lot of unhealthy fat and calories.

White flour – replace it with wholegrain, buckwheat, lamb. Eat wholemeal bread and dark pasta, brown rice, coarse groats (buckwheat, barley).

Preserves, cold cuts – contain preservatives and other additives that poison the body. If you find it difficult to give up cold meats, make them yourself (e.g. roast pork, turkey fillet).

It is worth knowing:

Watermelon, thanks to its diuretic properties, helps to cleanse the body and provides vitamins.

Linseed seed removes unnecessary metabolic products from the gastrointestinal tract, fights constipation and cures intestinal inflammation.

Fennel has a slightly diuretic effect and makes it easier for the kidneys to remove toxins. You can eat fennel tubers (e.g. raw, roasted, stewed, cooked) or drink infusion from the seeds of this plant (teaspoon to glass water).

Fresh cucumber is alkalogenic, so it helps to detoxify and deacidify the body. The chlorophyll contained in it has a deacidifying effect thanks to the possibility of combining with harmful compounds in the body.

Note: Regular exercise, swimming and walking accelerate the excretion of harmful substances from the body. Try to spend time actively, go for a long walk, ride a bike, march with sticks, go to the swimming pool. Every form of movement is good.

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