How to do Facebook marketing?

Marketing on Facebook

The first stage of marketing on Facebook is to create a professional profile of the company. Complete it with all the most important information, add an appropriate background photo and avatar. Check how the competition works, and then start communication, remembering that everything you add to the cyberspace will remain in it forever. How to act not to be afraid of headaches?

Here are some proven solutions:

Connect Facebook to the website

The website you certainly own is the basic place your customers use when looking for information about you. Give them a chance to find out that you have a Facebook profile. Add to its html code an appropriate social plug-in, with the help of which website visitors will be able to like your fanpage and take a look at the communication running on it.

Photos on Facebook are the basis for

In your communication on Facebook you have to remember about the basic thing – people perceive this medium through their eyes! That’s why you have to provide them with interesting VISUAL content, which they wouldn’t be able to reach at all or with great difficulty. 

Show them the world and things they would like to know about. The best way to do this is to use photographs and specially prepared graphics. Try to use your own materials, because they have the greatest value. Something that has already appeared on the web thousands of times, has a much weaker impact than photography, even a few dozen years ago, showing your company at its inception

Promote the best on Facebook

After a period of experimenting with adding different forms of posts, which lasts about a month or two, you already know what you are standing on. Try to analyze their effectiveness. Rate it on the basis of basic data received from the Facebook system (likes, comments and sharing). Summarize the values obtained for each solution. On this basis, you can already evaluate the initial effects of your actions and plan your further campaign using the best possible actions.

Without advertising there is no success on Facebook

Establishing a fanpage, i.e. a Facebook page, is free of charge, however, due to the increasing amount of content it contains, its creators have introduced certain restrictions in terms of the selectivity of messages to potential recipients. In order to bypass this filter, it is necessary to buy a special advertising package from them. Interestingly, its cost is not high, and the group of people we can reach is really significant. We can choose it in terms of many features (gender, age, location and most interesting – interests), which will have a positive impact on the reach of our campaign.

Facebook marketing applications

There are many marketing tools that support Facebook activities. Most of them are very expensive, but there are already on the market – even for a dozen or so dollars – perfect solutions that will help you achieve the intended success. With their help, you can organize an interesting contest, send mailing to fans or provide them with discount codes. Use them to make your profile live life to the fullest.

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