How to deal with insomnia?

7 effective ways of insomnia

Father…. you know it all too well…. You return home very tired and from the doorstep you only dream of going to bed. Dinner, shower and flashes to bed. Finally you lie down, but unfortunately this is only the beginning of your struggle. You can’t fall asleep, you just turn from side to side.

A hurricane of thoughts, problems and worries rolls through your head, and the longer you lie down, the more stressful you are that you are not sleeping. And the time remaining until your morning alarm clock shrinks from minute to minute. In the morning you get up awake and irritated, which makes it difficult for you to function normally during the day, and in the evening the problem returns….

But that’s the end of the day. 

Help yourself and learn 7 ways of insomnia to apply from now on:

1.Start getting ready to sleep already 2 hours in advance

Slow down and calm down your emotions. Don’t take care of duties and solving problems any more, it won’t bring you much benefit any more. Rather, take a rest and convince yourself that the solution will come to you on its own – in the morning!

2.Take care of yourself

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath with a soothing oil, e.g. lavender or passion fruit, and sprinkle in the bath, preferably with a moisturizing mask on the face. Read your favourite book and turn on soothing music. Do what will give you pleasure and remind you that you are a woman who is worth taking care of and you want to take care of.

Treat the bedroom as your kingdom

Use it in colours that will calm you down… beige, violets, pastels… Replace the mattress and pillow with a more comfortable one (also for your spine) and change bedding regularly. Bring your TV, radio and computer out of the bedroom – everything you associate with work and may disturb your peace of mind. Remember not to work and not to eat or sleep here. Make sure that the light is gentle and dimmed, that it introduces a warm and soothing mood. 

Do not do what harms you

Do not eat anything three hours before bedtime. Do not drink strong coffee and tea or alcohol. Do not smoke cigarettes or practice an energizing sport. Even if you fall asleep, your sleep will be shallower and it will be easier to wake you up in the middle of the night.

5. Half an hour before….

Drink hot milk with a spoonful of honey and have a well-ventilated bedroom. The optimal temperature is 16-18 degrees Celsius.

6. And when you are lying down….

Think about something pleasant, pray or meditate. 

7. Make the evening your own private RITUAL

Choose the activities that you like the most and have a relaxing effect on you. Try to lie down for a few weeks at a similar hour and apply your Sleep Ritual. Over time, your body will get used to the new rhythm and familiar activities will start to perceive as a signal to calm down and prepare for a pleasant night’s sleep.

You will start to fall asleep faster and more enjoyable. Your sleep will become deeper and more regenerative, and you will wake up relaxed and in a good mood.

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