How to create Android application?

What do you need to know about creating applications for Android?

There was a time when there was no such concept as smartphone, there was no need to look for a phone with an operating system. There were few exceptions on the market, such as Nokia with Symbian or some palmtops with Widnows. Most people, however, used ordinary phones, with simple software from the manufacturer.

Everything changed when the first smartphones entered the market. It is hard to imagine this type of device without a good operating system. Currently, three operating systems for mobile devices count. They are: Android, iOS and Windows 10. It cannot be denied, however, that probably the most popular is the first of the big three – Android.

The Android operating system is currently available on most smartphones and tablets. It is based on another well-known Linux system, which is the favorite system of many IT enthusiasts. The hallmark of Android – his mascot – is a nice green robot.

Of course, the operating system itself does not provide all the features that would satisfy today’s user. Fortunately, however, a whole host of mobile programmers are trying to meet the expectations of users. Every day new applications are created, which everyone can download and test. Some of them succeed, others die in the thicket of hundreds of thousands of other applications.

What is the recipe for success in developing applications for Android?

It is hard to predict. Creating applications for Android on the one hand is relatively simple, on the other hand, however, requires specialized knowledge. In other words, anyone can write a very simple application using the Internet guide, but it will probably not be a breakthrough. In order to have a chance to appear on this dynamic market, a few fundamental principles have to be fulfilled.

Creating applications for Android

First of all, explore the market. Do you need to find out what users need? What is valuable for them? Do they need something completely new, or is it enough to improve an already known concept? Also take a look at the applications for Android of your competitors, so that you can somehow stand out among them.

Secondly, if we already have an idea. If you already have an idea for applications for Android, you have to design it. First of all, it’s about making the application user-friendly. It is worth predicting how the user can behave, what button will be the most convenient for him/her, where he/she may have a problem and it would be worth adding a short hint. All this you need to predict much earlier before the application for Android will hit the market. Of course, you can test prototypes on a selected group of users during its creation, but the final design must be as well worked out as possible.

Thirdly, aesthetics and design. This is closely related to the previous point. Your application for Android must look very good, be aesthetic and modern. Even if you create a super functional application, but it will look very archaic probably not many people will want to use it. That’s why you can’t neglect the graphic design of the application. Another important aspect related to graphics is the logotype of the application and other important graphics related to visual identification, which you must also pay attention to.

Only when you meet the three points mentioned above, you can start coding your application. In order to start the adventure with creating applications for Android, it is worth knowing at least the basics of the Java programming language.

When your Android application is ready and tested for any errors, you only need to release it on the market and take care of the marketing campaign. But maybe somewhere else.

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