How to create an effective marketing strategies?

Effective marketing strategies
The marketing strategy itself consists of many factors as well as actions you have to take, which you have to investigate in order to take the right path.
A few tips

1. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses and determine the position of your business in the market.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses. If you are a good programmer and nobody can match you in the industry, inform the whole environment about it. Speak openly about your leadership. Create a slogan, an advertising moto for your business so that it strengthens your position in the market, showing who you are and what distinguishes you.

2. Get to know your competitors.

Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Instead of copying your competitor, find an alternative that allows you to stand up to the competition.

A few examples:

– If your competitor is only a retailer, open an online shop,

– if your competitor is targeting middle-aged people, you should direct your offer to young people,

– if your competitor runs an Italian restaurant you open a Mexican one.

3. Investigate what your customers need, what they want most, what they want to know from you.

How do you know what your customers’ needs are? Just ask them about it. Make a survey, hold a conversation. The survey is one of the most effective methods of checking customer satisfaction. Many well-known businesses use this method.

4. Step by step increase your sales.

Create a plan to increase sales of your products. Write a trade offer. Choose a niche (potential customers) to which you will direct it.

5. Make your business more recognizable.

Make your business logo, business cards, letterhead, key rings, pens, T-shirts, etc….

6. Don’t forget about the Internet.

Create your own website and start positioning it in search engines. If you can’t do it, nothing harms you. There are many positioning specialists on the market. Create a blog and a fanpage page on facebook. Start advertising in search engines using paid links or graphic advertisements. Internet is the best medium at the moment.

7. Keep in touch with the press.

If your business requires contact with the press, I recommend that you make friends with journalists and send them various materials about your business. If it is very well known, you can even add a tab “Press Releases” on your website.

One very important tip

Become a specialist in your field. If you become one, customers will recommend you to others, which gives your business incredible prestige among customers and recognition among the competition.

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