How to create a website for your business?

How to create your own website for your business?

Usually the execution of a website is outsourced to IT specialists. Very well if it is an online store. However, in the case of a company website, you should treat what you order only as a basis for further independent development. Otherwise, the website will not be visited frequently.

A company website should be like a customer service office. It should be vibrant, keep you up to date with the latest developments and help potential customers with the best solutions that your business can deliver.

Blog the best way to make a website for your business

At the beginning, it is best if the blog is your company’s website. Over time, it can become an element of your business. However, it should always be the main element of your website.

The construction of the blog makes it adored by Google. The nature of a blog is that it is often updated. The latest publications are placed at the top of the page. This makes the homepage of your business website constantly changing. This, in turn, teaches Google that it’s worth looking at you frequently to index your website anew and to indicate the next pages in the search results.

This, of course, requires work. You have to write something new all the time. However, it pays off and you can also automate it to a large extent.

Company blog based on WordPress software

With a blog based on WordPress, you don’t have to do it all the time. You can prepare further texts in advance and plan for their automatic appearance on the website. It is very important that this happens gradually, so that not all information is made available immediately. This is the only way your website will be included in the list of pages that will be frequently visited.

If you do as most people do with your website that you create all the content right away, your website will be indexed by Google immediately in many keywords. However, when you put something on it from time to time, it may take months before Google informs users of your search engine about it!

At the beginning you should, of course, fill in your company’s website with basic content. So that you know whose site it is, to whom it is directed and what information will appear here later. This means that when someone hits it, they will immediately know if it is for them and it will encourage them to return to your pages often.

If the readers of your website see that this is not just a static page, but that it is a permanent information service that can help them in the future, they will remember that it is worth coming back here in the future. Most customers do not buy with the first approach. So it’s worth taking care that people want to come back to your website in search of newer and newer tips. This way you become closer to them.

This is another element of the website whose visitors are growing – running the website in a way close to the heart of the customers. Be sure to run the website in a personal way. Introduce yourself by name and surname. In a small business, it is best if it is done by the owner. Even if the owner sends it out. It is important for the blog to include the person who is the best expert in the company.

In larger companies it can be employees, Internet salesmen, who not only serve the customer, but above all provide advice. And that’s why they need a blog in order to constantly provide this advice to all interested parties.

Regular posting on the blog makes the website more and more content. This way Google has more and more reasons to target you.

In addition, thanks to the specific design of the WordPress blog, which has several different built-in taxonomy mechanisms, actual indexed pages are ten times more than they were written. So if there are only 100 pages on your website, Google will see as many as 1000 pages!

Operating a website such as WordPress does not require IT skills

It’s almost as easy as writing in the Word editor. You can enter and update content yourself. You can easily add pictures, even audio and video. And all this without the knowledge of web programming.

What is worth commissioning is the installation and configuration of the blog and the creation of a graphic theme. Unless you plan to run more similar websites in the future. All in all, these activities are currently simplified and with the help of wizards you can do it quickly and independently.

Your business website on

First of all, you can create a blog on Not only without the need to know IT matters, but even without the need to have your own hosting, i.e. a place on the server where you place your pages. This solution is good only for the beginning. But it is fast. So sometimes it is worth taking them into consideration so as not to delay any longer and start running your website as soon as possible.

Blog from you can at any time later very easily transfer to your hosting using a simple export/import function. It is important to do this one day, because a blog on your own hosting gives you much more marketing opportunities.

Finally, when it comes to graphic motifs in WordPress, you can also do without ordering them at the beginning by selecting the corresponding motif from more than one and a half thousand ready-made free motifs. You can easily change the header, image and, if necessary, colours. And with the help of the widget mechanism you can arrange your website as you like.

If you don’t have your website yet, now you can’t have any excuse to set it up in a moment. It will only take you 10 minutes! Run your first corporate website in the form of a blog on WordPress.

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