How to create a Squeeze Page?

Effective Squeeze Page

At the beginning it is worth to define what Squeeze Page is effective. Let me give you my own definition based on experience and observation. An effective capture page is a page that has a specific purpose. It is focused on high quality traffic, and its effectiveness oscillates between 20-50%.

When creating an effective Squeeze Page, pay special attention to 5 elements. Here are some of them:

Effective Squeeze Page: attractive header

A header is usually the first element that the reader sees when he or she enters a page. It is largely up to him, whether the user performs the most expected action.

Your headline should attract attention and convince the reader that it is worth staying on the page.

In order to strengthen the message, it is worth using:

– large and colour font (example: Georgia font, size: 34px, colour: burgundy).
 – a tried and tested header model.

Effective Squeeze Page: pointed out benefits

Benefits are another key element of an effective intercepting side.

Show the reader at several points why it is worth taking advantage of your proposal.

Encourage the reader to carry out the action you are expecting – point out the benefits and write down what exactly will be received after the subscription.

Important! Sentences should be short – focus on specifics, use only words that have a specific purpose and are closely related to the topic.


You will learn to arouse emotions that make you buy.

Example of a badly constructed sentence:

Among other things, you will learn how to arouse emotions that are likely to induce your potential customer to buy your products.

Show the reader that what you offer will help them achieve better results and solve their problems.

Effective Squeeze Page: opinions of satisfied users

Reliable recommendations are always positively received and should be remembered even when creating a Squeeze Page.

Add one – a short opinion of a recognizable person from the industry. The opinion should include:

– name and surname of the recommending person,
 – www address, position,
 – optionally a photo and a graphic signature.

Opinion is not a key element. In some cases, it can lower the conversion rate, so test this variant and evaluate its effectiveness.

Effective Squeeze Page: call to action

Remember to call for action.

Add a short message calling you to perform the action now.

You can place a call to action in front of the subscription form, in the form of one sentence or a short information.


Sign up now!

| arrow in the direction of the subscription form |


Effective Squeeze Page: subscription form

Enter a simple yet eye-catching subscription form.

Ask the user to enter only the key data, usually the name and e-mail address. The more complicated the registration form, the less users will use it.

Remember that the subscription form is visible immediately after entering the page (without scrolling).

A popular layout of the capture page is: a header in the middle, below – on the left side of the benefits, and on the right side – a saving form.

Important! Under the subscription form, add a graphic button with a short slogan calling for action.

Example: Orange button with the inscription: I’m signing up!

What else should I pay attention to when creating Squezee Page?

Make sure your Squezee Page is a straightforward page without water splashes (unnecessary graphics and elements) and bold colours (white background works best).

Consider testing the video capture page. Instead of text with benefits – add a short video (a few minutes), in which you will tell us why it is worth taking advantage of your proposal.

Check that there are no unnecessary links or ads on your capture page that distract the reader’s attention and reduce the conversion rate as a result.

Think about adding your handwritten signature in the form of an image (use handmade font or scan the signature) with the assurance that the reader’s e-mail will never be shared or sold. You can also add a link to the privacy policy.


Each industry has a different specificity and target group. In the case of building an intercept page, it is worth using already proven and effective methods, but at the same time not to forget about testing different elements.

Because what works in my case can have the opposite effect in you.

You can test everything: header structure, benefits list, opinions, call to action, save form, graphics, colors, font size.

Testing is free of charge and you can do it with the help of the tool: Google Analytics experiments.

So why not use such a powerful weapon and easily increase the efficiency of the capture page by up to a dozen or so percent?

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