How to create a simple website?

Mini tutorial for creating a simple website

If you are wondering how to create a website for your company, you have come to the right place. I will show you not only how to prepare content for it, but also how to make your website work as you would like it to.

The creation of interval websites can be divided into several stages. These are: planning, preparing content, preparing a website, placing content on a website. Then there is the development of the website and its advertising, but we will not deal with it now.

Planning a simple website

Planning is the most important stage of preparation and usually overlooked. Let’s not be surprised later that the website does not fulfill its tasks (e.g. it does not advertise our company effectively).

Planning a website is about determining for whom we do it. If you determine who is the target of your website, you can then precisely answer the question: what content is of interest to people from your target? Do you see? Thanks to this, in the next stages of work on the website, you already know which direction you should aim for.

Also answer questions:

– what style does the website need to have in order to reach the target group?

– what kind of graphics to create?

– what technologies to use (is it supposed to be a simple website, or maybe more complicated? Not everyone can cope with a complicated website)

– what interests your target audience, what could we put on the website (of course within the subject matter you are dealing with)?

The more precisely you answer these questions, the better your website will be and the better you will know how to make your website (i.e. it will be easier).

Specify also the goal, i.e. a specific action, which you would like the Internet user to perform during a visit to your website. Remember that you don’t make a website in order to boast about your friends – it is supposed to fulfill a specific task. Such a goal may be, for example, to persuade an Internet user to call the company. Think about how to make it easier.

Preparation of content for a simple website

The content is what an Internet user comes for. However, it almost never searches for typical advertising content. We definitely prefer to read advice, practical information, articles in which the author shares his or her knowledge on a given topic.

You, as the owner of e.g. a company, have knowledge that your customer does not have. You can share a part of this knowledge on your company’s website – you will gain the trust of an Internet user and give him/her a reason to stay on your website longer – you will have more time to convince him/her, for example, to buy.

Prepare the content carefully. In texts, use the language used by the people to whom you direct your website. Photographs should be at least aesthetic and – necessarily – legible!

Preparation of a simple website

Only now we are beginning to wonder how to create a website – independently or can it be commissioned by a professional? Each of these solutions has its advantages and disadvantages and it is up to you and your situation which of them you choose.

Learn to make a website yourself, if:

– you have some time for it;

– you have at least basic knowledge of computer, software and Internet use;

– you don’t have too many funds on behalf of someone else.
If you do not meet the above requirements (all at once or at least one of them), it is worth considering ordering a website for a specialist.

Send him/her all the content and comments concerning your requirements. Thanks to that it will create a website much more efficiently – there will be no need to make too many corrections.

Combining the content with the website is like a continuation of the previous stage. It is worth mentioning this only if you want to make the website yourself – remember to make the content on the website look aesthetically pleasing. Nothing deters and does not reduce an Internet user’s trust in you as unreadable, carelessly executed texts on the website.

Unfortunately, in the era of easy web designers and content management systems (Joomla, WordPress), when everyone can learn how to create a website, we increasingly rarely care about the aesthetics of our website. Remember about it when you are creating your website.

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