How to create a restaurant website?

Good restaurant website

The 21st century can boldly be described as the age of the Internet. It is now that the global network is becoming the dominant medium in the world, and having a website is an obligation that also applies to catering establishments. 

But how to create a restaurant that stands out from hundreds of other websites?

The website that a restaurant should have must of course, like any other website, contain the most important information, which in the case of a restaurant is certainly its location, contact details and menu.
In the case of menus, in addition to the names and prices of dishes, it is worth adding real pictures of the dishes, which will encourage potential customers to try them. It is also worth thinking about implementing the possibility of ordering on-line, which, despite the dynamic development of the Internet, is still not a standard among the Internet services of catering establishments.

Such functionality will surely be very well received by Internet users, who demand the greatest possible interaction possibilities from websites. In addition to the possibility of ordering, the restaurant’s website should also have the ability to evaluate a given dish and issue a comment on it, which may be an additional advertisement for our premises. After all, nothing encourages you to visit the restaurant as much as positive feedback from restaurant guests.

Graphic design for the restaurant’s website

Another element that can distinguish a website from other competing websites is the graphic design. Currently, many restaurants have an attractive graphic design, but they often focus on the presentation of the premises, which is not as important as the food served in it. Therefore, the graphic design, which should be characterized by a good restaurant must first of all have photos of the food that is served in the restaurant. Photos of the restaurant itself can be placed in a separate section which is a gallery.

Another aspect that should characterise a good website of a catering establishment is its accessibility on all platforms. Restaurant’s website must have a mobile or responsive version so that every customer will have access to it everywhere. This will allow you to increase the number of orders and to easily check the location of the premises on your mobile phone.

Optimization of the restaurant’s website in terms of SEO

In addition to functionality and appearance, a very important feature of a modern website that stands out from the competition is its SEO optimization. Such a website has to be optimized accordingly, thanks to which it will be easier to obtain high positions in search engines, which will automatically translate into visits to the website and, consequently, into the number of potential customers.

In addition to the proper description of links, photos and meta tags of the website, content is a very important aspect of optimisation. Texts on the website should contain the most important keywords characterizing the restaurant menu and its location. The content must be not only search engine friendly, but above all very understandable for the customers, so creating a good description of the website is as difficult as the service itself.

However, it should be remembered that a good website is not only an attractive appearance, interesting functional solutions and a clear interface, but above all interesting content, which together with affordable prices and delicious menu will attract a wide range of customers to our restaurant.

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