How to create a name for your business?

A good name for your business

Every year new names appear on the market – funny, abstract, imaginative or absurd, but they function next to each other without conflict. How is it possible? How to create a name that differs from the hundreds that function in circulation and will not be their replica?

The answer is simple – it must have a guarantee given by the patent office, which watches over the individual character of each name. It is he who ensures that the names exist side by side without any problems and, most importantly, do not enter into the scope of competition.

Business name as a guarantee of success

Each company wants to stand out on the market through its own original name. After all, it is the company that determines the success to a large extent. It allows you to exist among the competition, so it is so important to be good and, above all, load-bearing. Its individual character finally determines the company’s visibility on the market, its perception, as well as the strength of the breakthrough and opportunities for development. That is why so many companies, before they decide to enter the market with their product, analyze the potential name, which will bring them closer to success.

Once this name is ready to meet the demands of the competition and the market, the product goes to the shops. An excellent example are brands known all over the world today, such as Coca-Cola, Puma, Sony, whose names have, of course, gone down in history thanks to offensive marketing campaigns. Their friendly and simple name is quite easy to hear and remember, regardless of the language they speak.

It also happens that the names begin to function in everyday language, indicating the name of the product, and not the company that first produced it. An excellent example are adidas functioning not as a company name or shoe brand, but a simple term for sports footwear. The same is true of the colloquial term for adhesive tape – scotch or pampers, whose names have become established in everyday vocabulary as the product itself, regardless of the material or technique in which they were made.

Fashion is included in the price

However, the names are fashionable. The trend that prevails in a certain period of time can also be seen in the names appearing on the market. More and more of them reflect the technique that has dominated our world today, hence many names contain English abbreviations or symbols. They refer to the Internet (net), services provided by electronic means (@) or on line (e-pay), and this entails associations with modernity and development potential.

I wonder how many of the names appearing on the market will stand the test of time. How many of them will maintain their position among similar already existing names after the first enchantment with novelty. How many of them will be accepted, and how many will dominate the consciousness of the viewers so that after some time they will imperceptibly creep into the common language.

What is a good name for the business?

Names are different – some are less, others more attractive, more memorable and eye-catching. Some of them are pretty, while others are ugly. But what name can be said to be good? The name should match the company. With different examples, we are able to say at most which sounds nice and which does not. However, this does not mean that it fulfils its function properly.

The name is primarily supposed to identify our company. Describe it. Don’t confuse it with any other name. The name should also be an element of marketing communication. It is supposed to seduce the customer, encourage them to try out its products or services. In order for it to perform its functions properly, it is necessary to take care of a few things.

First of all – recognisability. The name must be easy to pronounce and write. Whether this will be the case depends on the market in which the company operates. It is known that if a company exports abroad, the recipients there may have problems remembering the word in which the phonemes from our language are written.

Secondly, attractiveness. It is quite easy to say which names are nice and which are ugly. The aesthetics of the sound, i.e. euphony, influences the perception of the name and the company. French perfume names are well received because they are associated with sensuality and elegance.

Thirdly – uniqueness. There are certain conventions in every market. In the transport sector there are companies with a “trance” particle and in the construction “bud”. In order to differentiate oneself, one should be careful not to create structures using them.

Fourthly – and most importantly – safety. Every name, if we want to build success, should be safe. This means that it should be possible to register it. The office decides whether it is registrable or not. The name must meet several conditions. It should differ from the existing ones. No matter how perfect and good-sounding a name we prepare, it will be useless if it cannot be registered.

To combine all these requirements, it is best to ask for help from a company that deals with naming. The specialists will create a name that will be the carrier of the marketing message and, at the same time, will provide it with legal protection.

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