How to create a blog website?

Create your own blog

Blogging is already in our blood. Everyone is already blogging – students and teachers, priests and satanists, programmers and hairdressers…. Most people already know how to create a blog, or at least they realize that it is banal. But it’s good to know not only how to create a blog, but also where to create it.

What do you need to create your own blog?

In principle, you don’t need anything for that, although it depends exactly on what blog you want to set up and where to put it. In the case of professional blogs or blogs that we want to use to make thicker money, some expenses are necessary. An amateur blog, such a classic “online diary” does not need anything but a little time to write posts.

Now the instruction on how to create a blog.

Decide what you want to do on the blog

Roughly speaking, blogs can be divided into three broad categories: private (online diaries/journals), thematic (dedicated to a particular topic, e.g. Japan or SF stories), and professional (whose authors use blogs to make money.

What you do on the blog depends on where and how you set up the blog.

Make sure you have the time and resources needed to run a blog

It’s actually more a matter of netiquette than necessity, but an honest look at yourself and your schedule is necessary. Blogging is a great form of communication, but it requires regular time devoted to it. If you are simply angry with the world and you want to pass it on to someone, perhaps a Facebook account (or a Twitter-like microblog) will be better than wondering how to create a blog.

Select a blog location

The place where you place your blog is the most important decision you make – it is at least 70% responsible for the success or failure of your blog project.

So what do you have to choose from?

First of all, blog services, e.g. (Google). Their advantage is that they are free of charge and ensure such visibility of the blog on their homepage, as well as an extremely easy procedure of their creation – the services immediately configure the website and offer a number of graphic designs to choose from.

If you want to create a blog for yourself and your friends, without any particular purpose, services of this type are probably the best solution.

Secondly, setting up your own blog on a free web server. Companies offering free server space are multum. Usually you don’t have to buy your own domain name – the blog acts as a subdomain.

This time, the knowledge of how to create a blog is already required, because we receive only “bare” server space plus some reserve on the disk for the database. You should not be scared, however, you just need to download the latest version of WordPress, go to and follow the instructions.

This is usually the best solution if we have an idea for a blog that can attract a moderate number of visitors and we are going to make some money on ads, or we are bothered by the limited number of templates on blog services and want to experiment with the graphic design of our blog ourselves. Unfortunately, some of the ads on the website come from the server owners, and the traffic limits on the website can be pitifully small.

Of course, you can also use other engines to create a blog, but WordPress is probably one of the most convenient, and certainly the easiest to use. The installation process itself takes 5 minutes plus a second 5 minutes to find out how to set up a MySQL database on our server’s helix page.

Thirdly, a paid server and your own domain.

How to create a blog of this type?

Actually the same way as a blog on a free server plus the need to buy and configure your own domain (a bit more on this topic in the article How to set up a website).

The advantages of this solution are independence and a very high server load limit. Only we serve ads on our website, and only we are responsible for how our blog looks like. It is an ideal solution for popular thematic blogs and professional blogs. Its only drawback is the cost – if you just want to publish your poems, buying server space and your own domain is most often wasted money.

Importantly, your own domain is also a signal to visitors that you take your blog seriously. This is especially important when you want to convince them to do something!

Graphic form of the blog

Here you are limited only by the limitations of the service (in the case of blog services) or your own imagination and ability to modify HTML code. There are hundreds, if not thousands of free templates (graphic designs) for WordPress – this is another reason to choose it. They can be easily installed and then changed according to your needs and preferences.

Actually, what subject matter to choose for a blog is something very individual, but remember about one basic principle: the blog is for the user. Make sure that the layout of the page is legible and the font is large and contrasting with the background. Too many times you can meet blogs on the web, whose owners had to spend months wondering how to create a blog that would be really interesting, and then installed a skin that made it completely illegible.

Add-ons to the blog

Most blog engines can be connected to additional functions, so called plugins or widgets. Many of them are useless, but it is good to remember a few really useful ones. These are plugins such as the tag handling system (“tag cloud”) and polls. Especially with the latter you can have a lot of fun (and in the case of professional blogs also useful).

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