How to choose web hosting for your website?

Website hosting
The first decision that we will make before setting up our own website is the type of hosting that will be the best for us. The Internet is full of offers with different parameters and prices, also free of charge. Which is the best option for each company?

Hosting is a place on the hard drives of the provider’s computers (so-called servers), made available in order to place websites and web applications on it.

In this article we will discuss briefly the types of hosting services available, along with an indication for which type of website or business it is an appropriate option.

Free web hostings

Contrary to appearances, there are quite a lot of them on the Internet. Providers of such a service usually earn money from advertisements that are displayed on our website. But you can also find free hosting completely devoid of advertisements – this is the best solution with this option. Unfortunately, “free” usually means “poor quality” – often without technical support and with outdated software and hardware. Because of these deficiencies it is not possible to implement some solutions on the website later on, or it works slowly and does not withstand high traffic.

Free hostings are good for running blogs, possibly small hobby pages, but certainly not for business. The company’s website is its business card, so it must be of high quality, and free hosting is not able to guarantee it. Besides, having a website on such hosting for free is always bought with a risk, because the service provider can at any time collapse the business (in the end we did not sign any contract with him) and then we stay on the ice. Therefore, for the business definitely paid hosting.

Paid web hostings

Most offers on the Internet, however, are paid options. There is a very large spread of prices, depending on the parameters of the server and hosting. The price depends on how much space we need and how many visitors we expect. Most hosting companies provide almost 24-hour technical support – in case of problems or questions they answer emails very quickly. This type of hosting is good for small business card sites, but also for large formal services. However, it is not always a good solution for an online store, especially a larger one.

VPS server

So Virtual Private Server – a private virtual server. In this case, the service provider provides us with space for the server, which is intended only for us. This increases the efficiency and speed of such hosting. It is a great solution for large online shops and really large portals.

Dedicated server

The best and also the most expensive option. The service provider then provides us with a separate computer for the server, which is used only by us. For large and complicated shops or services that need to be reliable, this option is strongly recommended.

As you can see there are many possibilities of placing your website in the intreneto. It is worth, before making a decision, to analyze the profile of our website and determine the needs to be satisfied by the hosting provider.

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