How to choose the best web hosting for business?

What is hosting and how to choose the best for your business?

This question is asked by many entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their way to establish a company blog or website. If you already have an idea for a domain name and you are ready to create a company website – the next step is to choose the right hosting. Without these two elements you will not be able to boast about the world of you business websites.

What is hosting?

Simply put, hosting is a place to store your resources. A place on your hard drive separated for your needs, permanently connected to the Internet. You can store your data on it and share it with others – documents, files, e-mail accounts, and above all – websites, services and portals.

How to choose the best hosting for your business?

The market of hosting companies is very rich in various offers – better and worse, cheaper, more expensive and targeted at different target groups. You should not be guided by the rule that if something is known, it means that it is good. Instead, take a look at specific functionalities to match your choice to your needs and expectations. Finally, by choosing a hosting company you will be associated with it for many months of your work.

Like any hardware, also hosting, as a kind of specific computer, has its parameters, which you should carefully look at before buying. When choosing your account, pay attention to:

Server capacity for a web page

This is the equivalent of a hard drive in your computer. Nowadays, many companies offer unlimited hosting – but remember that you don’t have to start with them – if you’re at the beginning of creating your business website, you should be able to use 10 GB. Compare prices and choose the best option for you. After a year you will be able to see if you need more capacity and choose a new one.


This is the amount of data that your web server can send to recipients within a month. Here you can boldly catch offers without limit.


It is a place where all the content from your business website is stored. There are usually several databases in hosting companies’ offers, but it is worth knowing that even one can have several websites.

SSL certificates

It is a tool that guarantees the protection of websites and ensures the confidentiality of data sent electronically. SSL certificates are registered on your domain name and contain confidential information about the owner. They are cryptographically protected and cannot be changed on their own.

Mail accounts

They are usually included in the price. These are e-mail accounts in the domain you have chosen. They look much more professional than those with a tip such as It happens that the number of accounts is unlimited, but in real life it is usually enough to look at one or more accounts.


I was unwillingly deleted – if you know the situation, you know that the answer to it is just a backup. The more frequent backup (i.e. backup of data) is offered by the hosting company, the better. The most popular are offers with a backup performed once every 24 hours – this is a standard that in most cases is enough for the user.

Page designer

This is a very useful, modern software, consisting in automatic creation of websites. Creating a website takes a few minutes and does not require any knowledge about webmastering.

Support for your business website

It is necessary to check how communication with a chosen company looks like. Maybe it is not a technical parameter, but rather a human factor, but it is very important.

Hosting price for your business website

That is, a topic that you will not find in the average rankings. Usually not much is said about the fact that various hosting companies advertise themselves as those with extremely low prices, hiding the fact that after a year these prices increase, for example, by 300%. Watch out for all the ravens and choose clear offers. Be a conscious user and don’t be fooled by sales tricks.

On the Internet you can find many rankings and lists of various hosting companies. Remember, however, to be guided by your needs and choose the offer that best meets your needs.

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