How to choose best affiliate programs to make money?

Best affiliate programs to make money

Many people who want to start an adventure with affiliate programs do not know which program to choose. There are a lot of them on the Internet and choosing the right one can be a problem at the moment. For those who faced such a dilemma I have prepared this article.

If you choose your first affiliate program, it is worth to collect a few offers and compare the following elements, which will help you choose the best one. When analyzing program offers, pay special attention to:

1. Amount of commission

2. Attractiveness of product

3. Presence and duration of cookies

4. Credibility of programme

5. Number of levels

6. Type of product

7. Frequency and minimum payments

8. Diversity of promotional materials

Amount of commission in affiliate programs

If there were two separate partner programmes to choose from, there would be exemplary commissions to choose from: 5% and 40%, many people would initially have no dilemma as to which program to choose. However, you can’t only be guided by the percentage of commissions and you have to look at other aspects that I’ll describe later in this article. It often happens that you can get more commissions for selling a product from which you will get a very small percentage.

For example, such a product could be a cash loan in a credit auction program or a bank, where, with a commission of 0.5%, withdrawals reach even over $1000! Of course, it is more difficult to persuade someone to take out a loan than to buy an eBook, but if you have a website about investments or real estate, advertising affordable loans can be very profitable.

Attractiveness of product in affiliate programs

It is best to offer a popular product that is willingly bought. I know from experience that people like to buy ebooks. Probably because this is a very fashionable product recently and after depositing money they can almost immediately download it to their computer. An example of an attractive product is also a free bank account or eBay account. These are already proven brands, which offer us a lot practically free of charge.

Presence of cookies in affiliate programs

Recently, cookies have become more and more popular in almost every affiliate program. If a person enters through our affiliate link, a file (cookies) will be installed on their computer and will be there for a certain period of time. Thanks to it, if a person decides to buy or subscribe to a specific service after a certain period of time, it will still be assigned to us. It often happens that a person needs time to think about it and decides to buy only after some time. This is very common, so Cookies are very useful in the program and when signing up it is worth paying attention to them and how much time they are active (the longer the better for us).

Credibility of affiliate programs

Before enrolling in any affiliate program it is worth reading about it. Information can be found on various blogs and forums, where people often share their insights with other people. The most important thing is, of course, to find out if the Company pays out the money and if it does not make problems with it. One should be particularly sensitive to relatively young and little-known programs, which do not yet have a well-established brand.

Number of levels in affiliate programs

The more, the better for us. There are programs that have only one level and there are also programs that have several levels. The first level is always, while the second and third level is not so common anymore. It is worth paying attention to this element, because it is the second and third level that increases our chance of getting passive income in the future. These programs with five levels and more are already called multi-level marketing programs, the so-called MLM, which are becoming more and more popular but this is a separate topic….

Type of product in affiliate programs

Choosing a product that will be promoted is important when we have a service with the right subject matter. It is logical, unless you can find books with the same subject matter on a blog entirely devoted to website positioning, and poor manuals such as: “How to train a dog”.

Frequency and minimum payments in affiliate programs

Here also the more often the better but sufficient for me is the ability to pay out once a month. It is worth to take an interest in this issue before enrolling in the affiliate program in order to identify possible hooks in the regulations. It is best for us if there is no minimum withdrawal order, but it rarely happens. In my opinion, the minimum withdrawal should not exceed 100 USD.

Diversity of promotional materials in affiliate programs

There are affiliate programs that offer more or less promotional materials in the form of marketing texts, link generators or various banners. The larger the choice of banners, the more room for manoeuvre and the more fun it is possible to integrate advertisements on our website.

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