How to choose a coffee machine?

Coffee machine – what to pay attention to when choosing?

Methods of coffee brewing

Even the best coffee beans, which have been carefully roasted if their taste is spoiled at the brewing stage, will be of no use to us. Contrary to appearances, the brewing method is quite a lot, and the use of a specific method significantly changes the taste of the prepared infusion.

The first method is Turkish coffee. Of course, this cannot be confused with the particularly popular boiling water coffee in a glass, because it has nothing to do with the original Turkish coffee. Its preparation is a kind of ritual. You need a suitable dish (crucibles) made mostly of copper. Pour freshly ground coffee mixed with sugar and pour cold water over it. Then you have to heat everything up, but do not allow it to boil. After that, bring the infusion to the boil, take it off the fire for a while and only then boil the coffee for the last time. Spices such as cinnamon or cardamom are often added to the beverage prepared in this way.

Coffee maker is another way to prepare good coffee at home. It is a very simple device consisting of three elements: a container for water, a sieve into which coffee is poured and a container where the brew is collected. The operation of the coffee maker can be compared to a pressure machine, the water seeps through the ground coffee under pressure, but it is much smaller than the one that occurs in pressure machines.

Since we are already at pressure machines, it is also worth to devote a few words to them. They will give you the most aromatic coffee, because of the very high pressure they can produce, which in some models can reach up to 19 bars! The coffee for the coffee maker should be finely ground, while the water temperature must oscillate around 90 – 95 degrees Celsius. The pump is responsible for the pressure generation, hot water passes through a strainer filled with coffee, giving a brew with a rich flavour and aroma.

I have only mentioned a few methods of brewing coffee, but there are others, for example, overflow or low-pressure machines or special filters for brewing coffee. You have to adapt the way you prepare the beverage to your own preferences. For the taste of the prepared infusion it is also very important to have a suitable coffee producer who will offer high quality beans.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a coffee machine?

When deciding to buy a coffee machine, you have to decide on the type of coffee machine. If you are preparing no more than a few cups of coffee and are looking for a small and inexpensive coffee machine, choose a manual pressure machine. If you want to prepare infusions for more people and are looking for a model that is easier to use, buy an automatic coffee machine.

The second type has a built-in coffee grinder and the entire brewing process is virtually without your involvement. Unfortunately, the price varies considerably. The former can be purchased for much less than a few hundred dollars, which makes them an ideal Christmas present for home coffee lovers.

When choosing an coffee machine you should pay attention to the system of foaming and heating milk. Most often it is a special nozzle, which is placed in a milk container. If you often prepare cappuccino coffee, choose a Cappuccinatore system or a coffee maker with a built-in milk container. Some pressure machines also offer a pre-brewing function, which enhances the aroma of the coffee. Different models have different interesting features such as a display, built-in warming plate, water filter or height-adjustable, which can make everyday operation much easier. 

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