How to brew Pu erh tea – Good Pu erh tea at home

Pu erh tea

Pu erh tea – health properties

This tea variety comes from the Chinese province of Yunnan. It was known as early as the 7th century, during the Tang Dynasty, when it was reserved for the Emperor only, and ordinary people could even be punished by death for drinking it.

Unlike other teas that can be stored for about a year, Pu erh tea loses none of its aroma even after 50 years. It can be brewed three times at 90 to 100 degrees for 3 minutes. The infusion has an intense colour and a strong aroma and taste. The properties of red tea will kill the sugar – it must not be sweetened at all! It has been confirmed that it supports liver function, lowers cholesterol levels, cleanses the body, stimulates digestive processes, strengthens the body. Pu erh tea is also called a “fat killer”, and regular drinking of Pu erh tea results in weight loss.

The Chinese call it dragon tea. It is considered to be the most aromatic among teas. This is due to the fermentation process to which it is subjected until the leaves are slightly red in colour.

Pu erh tea is said to be the most effective in the fight against overweight. The fermentation process must be carried out under appropriate conditions. The most expensive varieties of this ebata are aged for many years.

Pu erh tea contains numerous enzymes and polyphenols. Thanks to these compounds it is supposed to have beneficial slimming properties, as they help to burn fat faster. For tea to work this way, however, you need to drink at least 5-6 cups a day. Remember, however, that in order to lose weight, it is necessary to eat a proper diet.

Pu erh tea for weight loss – you can burn fat

The main advantage of Pu erh tea discovered by Chinese medicine is to help…. burn fat! Especially in people aged 35 to 55 years, whose overweight is caused by eating, Pu erh tea can be lost in one month from 3 to 9 kilograms, and the effect is permanent. Of course, when losing weight Pu erh tea is the only drink except for mineral water, but, interestingly, weight loss takes place with a normal diet.

Losing weight is not the only thing Pu erh tea will help. Slimming is simpler with it, but in addition to its dietary properties, it also has many other advantages and pro-health actions: it supports liver function, lowers blood cholesterol levels, cleanses the body of toxins, prevents the aging process by eliminating free radicals, improves memory, lowers blood pressure, calms down, and even mitigates the effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

French scientists tested this last property on themselves and it turned out that after drinking alcohol and then tea, after two hours the blood alcohol level decreased by 0.45 per mille. Pu erh tea also contains many compounds necessary for the daily functioning of the body, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin E, also known as the vitamin of youth.

Pu erh tea – properties with health benefits. What?

Pu erh tea helps to lose weight The properties of Pu erh tea in this area have been known for many years. The specific fermentation process results in the formation of polyphenols and enzymes in dried tea. These substances play a key role in reducing body fat, regulating the gall bladder and facilitating digestion.

A minimum of 5-6 cups of tea a day is needed to achieve a slimming effect. Pu erh tea reduces the risk of cancer. Because the Pu erh tea brew contains antioxidants that prevent free radicals and carcinogens. Pu erh tea reduces cholesterol. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. This reduces the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

How to brew Pu erh tea properly?

At what temperature and for how long should Pu erh tea be brewed?

Pu erh tea brewed with boiling water would lose much, if not all its valuable properties. Therefore, it should be flooded with water at a temperature of about 90 degrees Celsius. This temperature will be reached after 3-4 minutes from boiling (depending on the kettle used, so it is worth buying a thermometer to brew tea). Pour one teaspoon of dried water per cup, i.e. about 3-5g per 200ml of water.

Pu erh tea brewing time should also be slightly different from black or green tea. Steam it shorter – 1 to 3 minutes depending on the intensity of the brew you want to make. After 3 minutes of brewing, the taste of tea becomes very bitter. It is precisely the fact that this limit is crossed that makes Pu erh tea feel uncomfortable.

Note: If you are pouring water in a jug, remember to separate the red tea leaves from the infusion after brewing.

To obtain a stronger infusion of red tea, increase the amount of dehydration per cup of water, do not extend the brewing time! Fans of strong teas brew up to two teaspoons of dehydration for the same amount of water.

How many times to brew Pu erh tea leaves?

While in the case of black drought you can only use it once, you can brew Pu erh tea leaves two or even three times to obtain a full-bodied infusion. Each time you should brew the leaves one minute longer than before.

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