How to become a computer graphics designer?

Computer graphics designer  Рhow to get started?

Computer graphics designer – this profession does not come from nowhere and anyone who dreams of a career in this profession should start preparing for such a job as soon as possible.

It is well known that today it is difficult to do without a website of one’s own – be it in the case of a large company, a small company or a natural person, or an ordinary mortal who wants to appear on the web and meet interesting people.

What a computer graphic designer needs to learn is, of course, all the technical skills that allow you to translate your vision in your mind into graphics on a computer screen. To put it simply. However, dry textbook knowledge is not enough, because the most important thing is practice. But here, too, the future computer graphic designer should not work in the dark.

Everyone is fascinated by something different, everyone has selected aesthetic canons and themes that interest him the most. Computer graphic designer should specify what type of websites he wants to create and specialize in this subject.

Why? The answer is simple – the longer we work in a given industry, the more time and attention we devote to a specific field, the clearer the style we create for ourselves. It is difficult to switch from topic to topic and be perfect in what you do every time. Therefore, a computer graphic designer should create the guiding idea of his projects.

A computer graphic designer should create his own brand

An effective portfolio, bearing in mind that creating for everyone we do not really create for anyone. If the projects that a computer graphic designer can boast of are stylistically coherent and visually effective, he will certainly make a better impression on a potential client and will certainly have his hands full of work – and that’s what it’s all about!

Web Design – how to get started?

If you have at least a small artistic sense and a sense of aesthetics, you can try your hand at Web Design. Where to start? First of all, by getting the right graphic program.

Photoshop has a definite monopoly in the field of graphics. This is the most popular graphics program and will recommend it to you almost every webdesigner. At first glance, it looks complicated (layers, filters, styles, countless tools). However, when you master the basics of Photoshop and it comes into your blood, even in Word you will wonder why so strangely you add photos and try to reduce them by holding Shift.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you should take advantage of the benefits of the web and learn from the tutorials. You need to practice, practice and practice again. First of all, you need to learn how to do individual effects. Once you’ve learned the basics, you may think that you already know and can do everything, but over time you’ll find that you’ve been wrong. When you look at your work after some time, which you did at the beginning and you were convinced that these are the best layouts on the Internet, now you will find that they look like they were done in Paint.

It is also very important to draw inspiration and learn from the best. Browse, browse and browse again. Focus on the best designs and try to create similar ones. Don’t plagiarize, because this is the worst sin of webdesigner.

If you have mastered most of the techniques, basic and advanced tutorials, so that looking at the advanced tutorial you will know how to do it, you can create your portfolio. But this is not the end, the webdesigner must constantly develop.

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