How to advertise your blog on the internet for free?

Start advertising your blog

If you have a blog and it is not known on the web and you want it to be you have to start advertising it. With the financial means for advertising you can see the effects almost immediately, only appropriate actions are enough and your website will be known to hundreds as not thousands of people.

Having no money for advertising there is no need to be discouraged. You are not the first and the last who does not have them. The fact is that without the money it will be harder, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about the promotion. I have decided to list a few basic ones and I hope they will be useful and you will be satisfied with them.

How to advertise your blog: get involved in online forums

This method is so old that not every known blog started with it. On Internet forums we usually look for answers to questions. Just look at some forum and read a few topics, almost always there will be a question asked by the user. So what is the forum for your blog?

If you know the answer to a question asked by a user, write it immediately on your blog. Register to the forum and write a short message that you have answered the question on your blog and put a link to your blog with this information. In this way you can quickly redirect people interested in answering from the forum to your blog or website. This way you can also build an expert opinion. This is a frequently used method by novice bloggers and works 100%.

How to advertise your blog: link exchange

Exchange of links with other blogs thematically related to yours is also highly advisable. Take the trouble to find such blogs on the Internet and ask if the author or admin of the website would like to exchange links with you. Most of them usually agree, but not all of them, so you also have to be prepared for a refusal.

If the blog or website with which you want to exchange is often read by Internet users, it is highly probable that these Internet users will also find your blog thanks to the link that has been posted on it. This also works the other way round. The exchange of links will also allow you to index your blog faster in search engines such as Google.

How to advertise your blog: commenting on others

Share on other blogs and leave comments with a link to your website. This is also a very good way to promote yourself. The more comments you leave, the more people can visit you through the link. Comment on valuable blogs where internet users look, do not focus on blogs that are written meaninglessly and without any message. Nobody usually looks there, so you will only lose time.

How to advertise your blog: articles for reprinting

Writing articles for reprinting is a great way to promote yourself as an expert. To write articles for reprinting you should first find a service where you can place them. Pay attention to This is the best known service when it comes to articles for reprinting. Write an interesting article and place it there with a link to your website. If the article is really important, others will publish it together with your link. What more….

How to advertise your blog: social networks

Who doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account now? Most of them spend more than 50% of their time there. Surely you also have accounts on social networking sites, so you have to use it. Try to send your friends on Facebook or Twitter links to posts or articles you have written.

Just don’t do it natively, because you’ll surely meet with unpleasant comments from their side, and that’s what you wouldn’t want. Create a fanpage of your website on Facebook and invite your friends there, so you can quickly inform them about your new blog entries. Also, add a Fanpage window to your website so that it’s visible to your readers.

In my opinion, this is one of the basic methods that you should know when it comes to promoting a blog on the web. As I mentioned earlier there are a lot of them, here are just a few methods you should pay attention to. These are very effective and free methods of your blog on the web, from which you should start today….


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