How the web server works?

How does a web server work?

Each of us uses a web server, sometimes not even realizing all its properties. We use it to browse the Internet, build websites or other office work. All this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for a web server.

So what is it really and what is its work?

Method of operation of the WWW server

A web server is nothing more than a computer. It is always on and connected to the Internet, and there are installed special programs needed to perform Internet services. Each server has its own IP and, most often, a domain name. For example, if someone enters the address in your browser, they will send a query to the server whose domain is

Apart from IP, the www server should have a server program running, i.e. http protocol. It can have any name, but it has become established that the web server is simply called WWW. For example, if our domain is, then the server address will be: The same is true of company names. The end of .com simply means commerce. However, it is not a mandatory designation.

Use of a web server

Web server provides us with disk space and tools for its administration. So what does such a space give us? Thanks to the web server, we have the ability to create our websites, receive and send e-mails, maintain and manage extensive databases, as well as support many domains and organize Internet services.

A reliable web server should function flawlessly and ensure constant data security. It is worth knowing that usually one such computer is specialized in another task. One handles e-mail, another manages data, and another specializes in building websites.

And which of the available web servers are most frequently used?

First of all:

  • Microsoft
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Google
Therefore, it is important to have appropriate knowledge about whether and how the web server works. Thanks to this you will be able to use the potential of your computer and achieve the intended results.

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