How do i clean my computer?

How do I clean the computer?

We often treat the computer as another piece of furniture in the room. From time to time we will wipe the casing and monitor with a cloth, but we forget about cleaning inside. And it is as important as cleaning the contents of the disc.

Dust that settles on the fan blades can seriously slow down your computer. In addition, a dusty fan can make an irritating sound that affects the nerves of everyone in the room. Dust lying on the components increases their temperature and hinders their operation. In addition, in combination with moisture, it can cause interference in the operation of electronic systems and lead to their failure. Above the keyboard we eat meals, drink drinks and smoke cigarettes – crumbs and impurities fall into small cracks during this time. Also our animals, especially cats, like to lie on the warm equipment, leaving flocs everywhere.

Coping with this mess is neither difficult nor time-consuming. The worst thing is for the first time – regular cleaning routines become a habit and run quickly. Before cleaning, you should be provided with compressed air spray, wet computer cloths and ear buds. A small vacuum cleaner, such as a USB vacuum cleaner, will also be useful.

The question of using an ordinary vacuum cleaner is debatable. Some people use it to clean the computer, but be careful and careful. Do not use a bare pipe, but a dust tip, which will slowly sweep the contents of the case. It is much safer to use a cordless or USB vacuum cleaner – they have less power, so that no small parts are sucked in. And if that happens, their waste bins are smaller and easier to find what you’re pulled in.

Cleaning the computer starts by removing the case after disconnecting the equipment from the power supply.

If the side wall is screwed on, place the screws in a safe place so that they are not lost. Use your hand or tweezers to select larger piles of dust. Do not force your hands into hard-to-reach places to avoid damaging anything. Vacuum or spray with compressed air and then vacuum around your computer with a normal vacuum cleaner. Do not direct the airflow directly at the windmill so that it does not turn in the opposite direction than usual. After these steps, screw the casing on. It remains to clean the case from the outside – a simple cloth with a bit of detergent is enough here.

Also clean the monitor and keyboard.

Use a special damp cloth to wipe the screen. A small vacuum cleaner will again be useful for cleaning the keyboard. Wipe away the dirt from between the keys with ordinary ear sticks or special sticks to the computer – they are shaped for easy access to the nooks and crannies. Here, too, it’s not a problem to whistle with compressed air and then wipe the keyboard with a cloth. Don’t forget to wipe your mouse!

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