Homemade toothpaste with coconut oil – How to make a home toothpaste?

How to make a toothpaste based on coconut oil?

Everyone should keep their teeth clean and… healthy. Probably few people have ever wondered what ingredients ordinary toothpastes contain. And yet sometimes it is worth to think about what substances is contained in toothpaste, for our health.

It turns out that every toothpaste purchased in the store contains toxic substances (basically three) that are harmful to human health – parabens (preservatives), sodium laureth sulfate and triclosan. In addition, the fluoride in toothpaste, which is known to everyone, is also not safe for humans.

But if you did it yourself prepare an ecological equivalent of toothpaste at home, of course without chemistry, then you can forget about buying toothpaste. It is no secret that Every day a man “eats” chemistry along with brushing his teeth. Making your own toothpaste for teeth is quite straightforward and produces its “natural” fruits. After all, even the nature itself with its is able to help a person’s teeth. Essential oils that contain household oils toothpastes will help teeth and man in general.

Recipe for homemade toothpaste with coconut oil


– a pinch of cinnamon,
– a pinch of fennel (powder),
– a pinch of salt (sea),
– two teaspoons of soda,
– six drops of tea tree oil (the same amount of mint can be used),
– one teaspoonful of coconut oil.


1) All prepared ingredients combine (except coconut oil) – thoroughly mix.

2) Coconut oil should only be added immediately before each tooth brushing. then the paste can be considered as ready to use.

In such a paste there are no chemical fillers and harmful to the human body. of the substance. Moreover, the paste prepared in this way has a very pleasant smell. It is recommended that the paste prepared in this way be stored in a sealed package.

Cosmetic tips:

1) When using home toothpastes, it is advisable to follow a few simple steps clues:

– edible soda as an addition to the paste, it is recommended to add it only once a week, in The remaining days should be cleaned without it. Through frequent (daily) use of soda you can only hurt your teeth. According to dentists, the abrasive actually whitened the enamel, but this is only because it removes only the top layer of the enamel. Periodic the use of such a procedure can only be harmful.

2) To whiten teeth, rinse them with salt water. This is how the Greeks whiten their teeth. your teeth.

3. Citric acid helps whiten the teeth perfectly. It is important to remember that after rinsing Do not brush teeth with citric acid within one hour.

Simple home tooth care products

Middle  one: coarse salt, preferably sea salt. Put a clean toothbrush into it and place it in the teeth, which we then clean our teeth with.

Middle second: thyme – in finely ground dry leaves put a toothbrush and clean teeth. It has disinfecting properties.

Middle  three:  activated carbon – finely ground tablets.

Middle four:  a horsetail collected from a damp place should help with caries. You have to dry it out, grind it into flour and clean its teeth with this.

Middle five: the black teeth of smokers can be helped by the iris root, which needs to be cut into small pieces and dry in the oven.

Middle six:  Black teeth can also be cleaned with finely shredded charcoal.

Middle seven:  lemon – whitens the surface of the teeth if you wipe them from time to time. time with a lemon.

Middle eight: to strengthen the gums, the oral cavity can be rinsed with an extract from the oak bark.

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