First time in a hotel – How to behave in a hotel?

Stay at a hotel

Not everyone of us has to go on business trips and choose all-inclusive holidays. Therefore, the first visit to the hotel can be stressful for some people, for fear of committing a faux-passion. Hotel is finally a specific place, governed by its own rules. It is worth to know the most important of them, to be able to behave freely and enjoy your stay.

Booking in a hotel

This can be done through a special intermediary service or directly at the hotel. What will be cheaper? There is no rule. You simply have to browse through the offers yourself and choose the best one. When booking, you usually have to give your credit card number and pay for the first night.

Arrival at hotel

In a hotel with a high standard of approach to us porter will help you get out of the car and hold the front door, will also indicate the reception desk. You have to check in there. A person from the reception desk can also take a deposit (from the card or in cash) for using additional services of the hotel. In hotels with a better standard with luggage helps the so-called hotel boy, in worse hotels you have to cope on your own.

In a hotel room

As guests we can use all the equipment, but you can take with you only some things, it is such intended for single use (cosmetics, bathroom accessories, etc.) and hotel gadgets (pen, stationery, etc.). Towels, bathrobes, hangers, dishes, etc. must be left on the spot. It is absolutely necessary to observe the silence at night (usually between 10 p.m. and 6 p.m.).

For all additional services (e.g. laundry, ironing, shoe polishing, use of minibar) you have to pay extra – the room should have a price list. If you do not want the room to be cleaned, you need to put an appropriate sign on the door (it should also be in the room). A towel left on the ground is a request for replacement. Valuable items are best kept in a safe or in a deposit box at the reception desk.

Tipping at hotel

It has been assumed that hotel staff should receive tips. This is not an obligation, but certainly a nice gesture. A porter and a bellboy can be given upon arrival and departure, a maid every day or collectively at the end, a waiter with room service – each time. Quotas do not have to be high.

Help at hotel

No one will expect us to know all the rules of hotel savoir vivre, just to be nice, polite and tactful. Hotel employees are there to help us, you only need to contact them. In better hotels there is a specially created concierge stand.

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