Effective lose weight – how to lose weight effectively?

How to lose weight effectively?

12 proven and reliable tips to help you significantly reduce your weight!

Discover effective ways to help you lose weight

Avoid hunger and instant diets

Diets that force you to starve – especially those under 1000 calories a day destroy your body. In addition, even if you persevere on this diet and lose a few pounds, you need to know that this is usually a way of losing muscle tissue, not fat. Our body is programmed in such a way that it defends itself against the death of hunger – and this is what it considers to be such a rigorous diet. And the defense consists in slowing down your metabolism as a result of which you start to lose weight again if you eat less than you had eaten before eating a diet.

Build muscle mass

Our body burns calories even when we rest. It simply needs energy to work properly. At the same time, we use more calories to support the vital functions of muscle tissue than fat. Each kilogram of muscle needs about 12 calories a day, while fat for the same processes only 4 calories a day. This difference can already be seen on many of us.

Eat breakfast

This is the most important meal of the day, but it is important that it is not too abundant. When you sleep, your body reduces your metabolism. It only increases your metabolism when you eat your first meal during the day. For him, breakfast is what an alarm clock is for you. That’s why it’s worth taking care that your body wakes up with you and burns calories already in the morning.Eat regularly. It is best to eat 6 small meals a day.

You should eat at least every 4 hours. You should eat 3 main meals and 3 snacks a day. Dinner, of course, should be the least abundant meal. If you work and for this reason, for example, you can’t follow this advice, take some small bites to work – the ground so that they won’t be caloric bombs. By following this advice you will avoid uncontrolled hunger and obstructions. And your body will burn as much as possible of the energy supplied in meals.

Abandon the mayonnaise

How many calories do Lou think a spoonful of mayonnaise contains? The answer is 80-100 calories and up to 10 grams of fat. Are you determined to add so much to e.g. sandwiches or snacks? You have to use mayonnaise – always use the low-calorie one. And spread mustard on sandwiches. The same amount of mustard on the sandwich is only 10-20 calories, and in addition, you support digestion and improve the taste of food.

Drink water

Water not only detoxifies and moisturizes our body. Drinking 2 litres of water a day limits your appetite and increases the rate of calorie burning. Scientific research has shown that drinking 2 glasses of water before a meal can increase our metabolism by up to 30%.

Start moving more

If you don’t have time or want to train, think about simpler but also effective ways to increase physical activity. You can use stairs instead of a lift. It’s more common to walk without using a tram, for example, or to put your car a little further away than ever before. Gymnastics while watching TV is also a good way to do it. Hula-hop, jumping or cycling will help you to use your time more actively during your favourite programme.

Set aside coca-cola

This drink is a terrible caloric bomb. Drinking a tall glass of coca-cola a day will condemn you to 50,000 extra calories. This corresponds to about 7 extra kilograms. Surely this drink is worth such a price?

Use spices

Sharp foods contain chemical compounds that significantly accelerate the metabolic rate. Ithaca, for example, eating a tablespoon of chilli can increase your metabolism by up to 23%. What is more important, this effect lasts up to an hour after eating a meal. Therefore, if you can, do not regret the spices. The more spicy, the better for you.

A lot of smiles 🙂

True, it’s a simple and pleasant way. Research carried out by scientists has shown that 40-50 calories are burned during a 15-minute spontaneous and cordial laughter. So you can burn 100 calories in half an hour. An additional advantage is the strengthening and modelling of the abdominal muscles. So whenever you have the opportunity to watch comedies and cabarets, read jokes, meet friends. It’s a nice way to shed a lot of calories.

Change slippers

Well, yes, I suppose I know what you think now – this one has gone crazy now. But think for a moment. Do you move around the house in too big, loose slippers and usually you have to be careful not to lose them while wandering around the house? And if you change them for something comfortable so you can move quickly and vigorously. What do you think it wouldn’t affect your activity? More movement = more calories burned.

By eliminating slippers you start moving more smoothly, more springy, faster simply. For the same reason, don’t wear a tracksuit at home. Don’t bother your body – and you’ll quickly find out that you’re moving more without even noticing it.

Avoid stressful situations

Stress is one of the main causes of overweight and obesity. Most often this problem affects women. Stress situations cause appropriate hormonal reactions in our bodies. When you get upset, your body thinks you are in physical danger. That’s why it first stimulates your body to produce adrenaline – thanks to which you feel energy and have the strength to defend yourself. And immediately after the adrenaline, the brain orders your body to produce another hormone, cortisol.

Its action consists in mobilizing us to supplement the energy that we “lost” as a result of escaping from danger. That is why we can feel terribly hungry after stressful situations. The worst thing is that in such situations we want to satisfy our hunger with sweets or salty and fatty food, because such food stimulates the production of happiness hormone in the brain.

And your body strives for balance at all costs. It wants to return to normal and regain lost energy. And that’s why you can become another obese stress victim. Fortunately, you already know the mechanisms of action of our organisms. Equipped with knowledge you are able to effectively defend yourself against such attacks of “hunger”.

Drink black coffee

Coffee, as you know, is a beverage that increases concentration, stimulates the body and provides us with energy. It also has a beneficial effect on the metabolism. Scientists have shown that, for example, in the case of a woman weighing 65 kg, drinking 2 cups of coffee burns about 50 extra calories within 4 hours of drinking coffee.

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